As we continue to navigate the current COVID-19 pandemic, President BOB LOGAN continues to shine through with his innovative ways to keep us engaged and informed.  A committee led by DARRELL STEWART is negotiating our contract renewal with the Doubletree.  DT has informed us that their parent company (Hilton) says we cannot have a meeting until our Governor has given the approval for group meetings of over 10 people.  Best news is that DT is reducing our meal cost for the year and agreements were reached about how many times they can move us into the Bonsai/Boojum rooms and what notice is required. 
President LOGAN reminded us to take part in the Zoom gatherings with MARK IRVIN, JENNIFER HOFFMAN, JEFF RONSTADT and President LOGAN, to “like” our U-Tube meeting site and he thanked more of our bulletin sponsors for their continued support:  Wellspring Financial (PAT ZUMBUSCH), EC Group (GLENN EWING), Cartridge World (CHUCK SAWYER), Ralph’s Moving & Storage (KATHLEEN WICKS), Wanslee Auto Sales (KEITH WIEGAND) and Film Creations (RICK ROSE).
He encouraged everyone to please answer the survey sent to you about returning to our meetings when they resume. 
President LOGAN’s goal of $40,000 raised for The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund is not quite there.  Please help out with a donation if you can.  If you donate to Polio Plus there is a two for one match to increase your impact.
Our Pledge was performed by Porky Pig (from 1939!) and the patriotic song with John Wayne and many old time stars chiming in.
Car Show Chair CLIFF BOWMAN brought us up to date on our show progress.  No, we still do not know if we will be able to have a show or not so we are moving forward as if “the show will go on”.  Team Leaders should be reviewing their tasks to prepare for the show and members should consider where they want to volunteer.  If worse-comes-to-worse, we will have the raffle without the show.  This makes ticket sales crucially important this year more than ever.  We are in the process of hiring a media specialist to set up a social media campaign to help us sell more tickets and our website is up and running to purchase tickets.  Please start selling now!  If you need physical tickets, contact ROGER HARWELL. 
Our speaker was DR. KELLY REYNOLDS (U of A College of Public Health) speaking about tracking of infections.  There is too much information to include in these minutes, so PLEASE review our RCT U-Tube presentation and a follow up with more of her presentation that could not be included in the meeting time frame.  She predicted it could be 18 months before a vaccine is available.
Birthday Rotarians celebrating virtually were:  NINA TRASOFF, PAT ZUMBUSCH, and DARRELL STEWART.  Happy Birthday you three!!
Remember to fill out your High Profile in ClubRunner and enjoy reading things you didn’t know about your fellow Rotarians (such as IRENE DECKER)!
President LOGAN reminisced about our wheel chair project pointing out other similar ones and what good they did in Mexico for disabled residents.  Those projects are good examples of Rotary’s power of service.
Around June 17th will be our next virtual meeting.  The speaker will be MARA ASPINALL, former President and CEO of Roche/Ventana Medical Systems.  The Change of Administration is planned for 6-27 at Hacienda Del Sol using social distancing, when we will thank President LOGAN for all his hard work this year and welcome incoming President JENNIFER HOFFMAN.
President LOGAN ended the meeting with another great quote and toast!