President JEN HOFFMAN called the meeting to order at 12 noon indoor at the beautiful Hacienda Del Sol with 42 Rotarians attending the weekly meeting. The opening of the meeting featured a rendition of America the Beautiful and the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag lead by Matt Blair, from Cirrus Visual Communication.
The lunch featured a juicy chicken dish, bone in, with a delicious sauce and some healthy vegetables. As always Hacienda Del Sol banquet staff were attentive to the hungry Rotarians.
President JEN kicked off the formal part of the meeting by thanking all of the virtual audience attending the meeting and introduced Rotarian JEFF RONSTADT to introduce today’s program, ROB LAMASTER, Director of Make-A-Wish Arizona.
ROB led off with echoing the inspirational thought of the day with a message on “Gratitude”, which he is most thankful for the community stepping up and being part of the Making a Wish come true for those in need. ROB has been servicing the community throughout his career thanking a Rotarian his first job in Tucson, JACK CAMPER past President/CEO of Tucson Chamber, who was in attendance. ROB’S comments began promising to follow the presentation speech steps of incoming President MARK IRVIN “Be Bright, Be Brief and Be Gone”.  Well having failed at this attempt following an exceptionally, but beautiful long program, ROB’S heart was in the right place throughout the talk as he shared how the community has stepped up to grant Wishes for the Kids, even during the challenges of COVID-19. Thank you ROB and “Make a Wish” for helping those dreams come true.
Today’s Birthdays featured JIM ENGEL a Rotarian for over 20 years. Little known fact was his father built most of the Kitt Peak’s buildings.
WAYNE PEATE, 30-year member of Rotary, introduced new member MIKE FRANKLIN and DON ROLLINGS presented MIKE with his Blue Badge.  MIKE took the podium under siege to thank everyone but wouldn’t give it back to the President until he gave the second program of the afternoon, giving numerous accolades to Tucson Rotary. JEN will be sure to bring the hook with her to the next meeting.  Congratulations MIKE and welcome to the Club!
BOB LOGAN’S “sweet terror” returned with the two Rotarians receiving Paul Harris designations. Birthday boy, JIM ENGEL and JOE DANISZEWSKI were honored. JOE by the way has been blessed with two sons who joined him as Eagle Scouts.
There were no Sergeant At Arms announcements for the afternoon.
Meeting was adjourned at 1:20 with a quote by Michael Jordan and toast by PRESIDENT JEN.
“Some people will want it to happen. “Some people will wish it to happen, Others Make it Happen. Here’s to those that step up and make it happen for those to make it happen for those who can’t.”