How can we create stronger families and more vibrant communities? Arizona Town Hall has spent decades exploring critical topics facing Arizona using research and community discussions to develop solutions and action plans. In 2019, over 1400 Arizonans addressed the topic of “Strong Families Thriving Children.” In 2020, the focus zooms out to the topic of “Creating Vibrant Communities.” The program will give an overview of the results from the 2019 Town Halls and events that will be taking place in 2020. 

Tara Jackson ~ Biography 
Tara Jackson has served as President of the Arizona Town Hall since July of 2006. In that capacity, she works with diverse Arizonans from around the state to create informed community and statewide sessions where participants discuss challenging political and social topics in a manner that builds consensus and creates blueprints for positive change. She also frequently acts as a facilitator and consultant for government and private organizations.
Prior to joining the staff of Arizona Town Hall, Tara practiced law in the area of employment and commercial litigation for sixteen years.
In addition to her law practice, Tara taught as an Adjunct Professor for ASU’s Law School and has served in numerous positions for both state and federal bar associations. She has also served in various leadership or advisory positions for other non-profit and educational organizations.
Arizona Town Hall serves as the forum for constructive conversation that builds bridges, creates solutions to difficult issues and develops civic leaders. It is a private, non-profit, civic organization created in 1962 to establish, through research and discussion, an ever-growing body of Arizonans not only well informed on the critical issues facing the state, but also skilled in the process of thoughtful analysis and consensus building. Arizona Town Hall brings together people with diverse occupations and perspectives to address a topic of major concern to Arizona’s future. Arizona Town Hall holds Community Town Halls, Future Leaders Town Halls, Community Outreach Programs and a statewide Town Hall. Consulting services and training sessions are also provided for those interested in the unique process. Arizona Town Hall has served as a catalyst for discussions and recommendations that have influenced significant changes in Arizona’s public policy over the years.