Whiskey Fellowship
The Rotary Club of Tucson has a Whiskey Fellowship. Whiskey tastings are arranged at various establishments throughout Tucson to learn, try and enjoy the fellowship. 'Brett Stein' brett.stein@nm.com coordinates the outings. If you would be interested in joining just email Brett and he can add you to his distribution list.
Our Fourth Whiskey Fellowship:
On August 2 -As was justifiably anticipated, the Fourth Inaugural Whiskey Event  was the largest and most fun of them all. (and all the previous ones were a wonderful time).
The two dozen Rotarians who are the most accomplished at prioritizing their time, attended the festivities - bringing rare, interesting, and beautiful tasting whiskeys from around the world. We also feasted on the most flavorful and creative homemade pizzas this side of Chicago.
The gregarious Dan and Karen Kalm opened their festive home for the event. Are there more gracious hosts? Oh No, No there are not.
We had a wonderful mix of several of our newest members, and a bevy of our veteran Rotarians. We had almost as many women as men. The commonality of all the attendees is that everyone was disarmingly gorgeous, fun, warm, and were quintessentially cool.
Everyone is asking if there will be a Fifth Inaugural Whiskey Event? Oh Yes, Yes there will be!