Posted by Steve Pickering on Mar 16, 2018
Jenny will speak about the importance of early reading experiences to set children up for success in learning. She will discuss the science of brain development and how the early childhood years are connected to a child’s future academic outcomes and success.  Jenny will draw on recent research to illuminate the educational landscape and highlight how effective language and literacy experiences and interventions in the early years help to build the architecture of a child’s brain and can ultimately work to help close the achievement/opportunity gap.
Jenny Volpe ~ Biography
Jenny Volpe is CEO of Make Way for Books, an early childhood literacy nonprofit organization that impacts 30,000 children, parents, and educators annually. Jenny is passionate about helping children gain access to quality educational opportunities and believes in the power of literacy to change lives. For the past eight years at Make Way for Books, she has dedicated her time working to ensure that children in our community have the chance to realize their full potential. Jenny holds a B.A. in literature from the University of Chicago and a M.A. in education from the Johns Hopkins University. Believing in education as a means to achieve social change and equity, Jenny began her educational career as a Teach For America teacher and taught for five years before entering the curriculum development and nonprofit sectors. She has traveled the globe and helped to design literacy programs for children across the United States and in other countries.  Jenny is proud to lead Make Way for Books, an organization that has won awards for innovation and impact. She has worked to ensure that Make Way for Books takes the latest science of improving children’s literacy and closing opportunity gaps, and that of adult learning, and turns it into effective action to make lifelong teachers of parents and lifelong learners of children!