Energy drives global economies in a very real way – what are the basics of that drive and how has it created the conflicts we now see before us? What does it mean for the future, and how has it been shaped by the past? What are the major challenges and why?  Many forces now shape that debate – What are the Paris Accords, how were they shaped, and where do they lead?  Many policies and actions have put elements of our political and social structure into intense conflict. How do we balance fossil, renewables, and nuclear as we seek to restructure our energy systems? Why are all sides freaking out?  Finally what role should each of us assume and what responsibilities must we shoulder?  I hope that this presentation puts the audience in a better position to seek out the answers they need.

Dr. Michael Knotek ~ Biography

Dr. Michael L Knotek has served more than 50 years as a Physicist in the US Department of Energy National Laboratory System — safeguarding national security and energy enterprises. There his research laboratory responsibilities rapidly progressed from an entry level assistant’s to those of a senior executive. He served honorably in the Office of the US Secretary of Energy (1999-2000) and was appointed US Deputy Under Secretary for Science and Energy (2013-2015) -- overseeing a $10B Budget and 13 of our National Laboratories! He led the 2015 Quadrennial Technology Review which performs the most comprehensive analyses of state-of-the-art science and technology Energy Foundations in our nation.

Dr. Knotek has published more than 150 Scientific Articles, Book Chapters, Textbooks, and has supervised numerous national and international investigations exploring climate change and its many challenges.

Michael & wife Karen have 3 children, 5 grandchildren, and are enjoying retirement in Oro Valley. He is an avid Tucson Loop Bicyclist and Golf enthusiast.