Posted by Bobby Larson on Jan 19, 2023
Our Rotary Gift to JTED!
Please join Bobby, the rest of our Rotary Club of Tucson, plus JTED and Gregory School Friends as we present our “Sweet 16” Tucson Classics Car Show fundraising efforts. This show has been labeled by many, “The Best Show Ever…With Rain”. The show took place at the beautiful and welcoming Gregory School for the 16th straight year. A fantastic crowd with a full house of Classic Cars were treated to a wonderful day of fun, food, and friendship with our Rotary members and other volunteers being fantastic hosts.
A great day was had by all, and we will share some of the highlights of the day plus share some “special challenges” throughout the year. Our BIG CHECK we all worked so hard to earn through 10 different revenue sources will be presented to our wonderful beneficiary, JTED. Finally, Lee Olitzky will wrap up with exciting plans for the 2023 Classics Car Show, as well as the unveiling of our gorgeous 2023 Car Show Corvette Convertible!  Come join us to celebrate a job well done by all of you and enjoy the profits accumulated by one of Tucson’s Signature Events of the Year!