Posted by Cliff Bowman on Mar 02, 2018
This program will provide an in depth look at the current facilities at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base that are serving the community of Armed Forces youth and their families who have Base access.  This review will include an overview of the existing and somewhat antiquated 1960 vintage building that serves as the main youth facility on the Base. 
The program will also address a study that has just been completed by Strong Point Marketing, and funded by the Winers and Diners Base Support group.  Its purpose is to determine who is currently using the youth facilities at DM, how often and what exactly are they using the most.  The study also addressed the needs of teenagers and highlighted the differences between serving that age group compared to younger youth.
The study also looked at what other services are being used by Armed Forces youth in the Tucson area that are off the Base and also to determine what non-profit youth serving agencies are currently active at DM and what other youth services are desired to be made available at DM.  This includes a discussion with local youth serving agencies that have a desire to be engaged in serving youth on the Base.
Finally, the program will provide an overview of the goal of the Youth Center of Excellence, which is to create a model that could be replicated to create other Youth Centers of Excellence at other military bases and/or at other locations in Tucson that are off the Base.