Transparency, and accountability are such important goals of The People’s Office that they are included their Core Values.
The Year Two Review is the County Attorney’s report to the people of Pima County letting them know what the office accomplished in pursuit of public safety and public health in the second year of this administration.
A strong focus of the Year Two Review is on the work of many units within the Civil Division. This part of the Pima County Attorney’s Office is what differentiates it from traditional District Attorney Offices, which only prosecute criminal activity.
The 24-page report covers activities of the Civil Division, which represents Pima County government and supports citizens in many ways by protecting their tax dollars and their rights, as well as the Criminal Division, which prosecutes crimes.
The report, which includes dozens of photographs taken in 2022, also provides insights into several efforts that support criminal justice reform, community outreach that fosters safer neighborhoods.
It includes the Victim Services Division, which assists with healing and restitution in our communities, and the Detective Division, which employs certified law enforcement officers who assist local police agencies and PCAO’s prosecutors in their efforts to make communities safe and accountable.
Laura Conover ~ Biography
Laura Conover is beginning the third year of her term as Pima County Attorney, leading the office in a new direction based on criminal justice reform practices aimed at making communities safer while keeping families and individuals whole when a second chance is appropriate.
Laura has rebranded PCAO as “The People’s Office” based on the reality that the County Attorney serves all residents of Pima County in the effort to hold people accountable for their actions, support victims of criminal behavior, and seek alternatives to incarceration for those who don’t present harm to themselves or others.
And having a Civil Division in addition to the Criminal Division that prosecutes crimes means PCAO serves as the people’s attorney in many ways, representing the Pima County Board of Supervisors and all Pima County agencies, while also supporting citizens in myriad ways by protecting their tax dollars and their rights as citizens.
Laura was elected in 2020 and took office in January 2021, marking the first significant change in office policy and approach in nearly four decades. Her experience as a defense attorney helped to shape an administration that strives for reform, transparency, and accountability.
Her priorities as Pima County Attorney have been ending pursuit of the death penalty in Pima County cases, and ongoing efforts to reform the cash bail system, divert cases of substance use disorder and mental illness to treatment, and protect people with vulnerable immigration status. She has expanded the work of the Conviction & Sentencing Integrity Unit to take a new look at prior cases that warrant reconsideration and is building the first adult restorative justice program in Arizona.
Meanwhile, along with her Senior Leadership Council and veteran prosecutors, Laura is reducing a backlog of homicide cases she inherited when taking office at the same time she’s faced a spike in homicides, domestic violence, and other crimes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Laura was raised in Tucson and earned both undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Arizona and is proud to call the community she serves home.