Posted by Ed Mystery on Sep 08, 2023
Lovely MARGARET HIGGINS interrupted the delicious tri-tip steak and salmon lunch for Biotechnology guru JONATHAN WALKUP to lead us in the pledge and a resounding rendition of “God Bless America” accompanied by our very own musical maestro KHRIS DODGE. Our singing is awesome!
Softly somber MARGARET then gave us a moment of silence for the loss of long-time member Reverend RICHARD ROWLEY who passed away August 18th at 95 years old.  RICHARD joined us in 1979 and was very active prior to his health challenges. 
A second moment of silence was somberly felt for the loss of life from the fires in Lahaina Maui.
And then … a 180 degree inspirational mood swing … with cheerful BRITTANY BATTLE answering the analog brick style cardboard mobile phone built by the apparently “smarter than he looks” ROGER HARWELL.  1900’s Rotary club founder PAUL HARRIS called in from heaven to remind us all to get out and help with the car show.  BRITTANY suggested PAUL might try texting or emailing us, but literally old school PAUL only knew of the then cutting-edge technology phone / telegraph. 
Two wheeled motor enthusiast DAN KALM introduced guests Ginny Clements, Scott Bronson, Guy Blumenthal, Michael Levin, Peter Paisley, Thomas Gomez and the 96 year old mother of today’s speaker, the elegant Gilda Rodriquez!
Cheerful BRITTANY then introduced the youngest of 10 kids of the elegant Gilda Rodriguez, the CEO of FreeFall 5G, Alex Rodriquez.  Born and raised in Nogales, energetic Alex started his illustrious career collecting aluminum cans and was immediately promoted to art gallery protector.  Then he went on to go to a bunch of schools for a bunch of degrees, served as a Captain in the Army in Bosnia, worked in high tech at Raytheon before taking over CEO of Tucson’s own FreeFall 5G.
5G is the latest standard for the latest technological shift.  FreeFall 5G specializes in uniquely small, round, low energy-using antenna with superior range for transmission utilizing high bandwidth millimeter wave spectrum.  These antenna enable “real time data sharing” described as seconds fast downloading of movies, remote surgery, etc.  Alex spoke of an anticipated $13 Trillion economic shift with widespread implementation of this 5G high bandwidth data transfer.  Currently, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. utilize the Mid-bandwidth and FreeFalls 5G’s antenna will be part of utilizing High-bandwidth.  Tucson venture capitalists, UAVC (Fletcher McCusker), and DVI (Diamond Ventures) support FreeFall 5G and the future looks bright!  ALEX signed the children’s book “Technology Tail” for the Make Way for Books library!
Beloved CHAR HARRIS presented 68 year breast cancer survivor and one tough cookie GINNY CLEMENTS with her PAUL HARRIS +1 badge for her generous donation last year to our Ride to End Polio.  Born in Fowler, Fresno, CA, devoted basketball fan of the local crazy feline team, Ginny moved to Tucson in 1972 and never looked back.  In 2020 she made a HUGE contribution to the UofA to start the Ginny L. Clements Cancer Center.  Love the generous local support for the greater good!
Investment guru and alum of the awesomely superior Arizona State University JIM WOOD presented easy going, eager, and engaging JIM GARRETT with his Blue Badge!  JIM’s illustrious background includes Tucson’s own Tyrannosaurus Rex, water filtration and now real estate investment property.  But way more importantly, JIM mountain bikes!
Sergeant at Arms but actually quite calm, DAN, did the raffle and for the umpteenth time I did not win!  There is now over $1,000 “in the pot”!  So whatever you do, don’t buy anymore raffle tickets, because I need a new bike to keep up with JIM!
All hail praise upon the Rotary Club of Saddlebrook, who joined us last week and are some really cool folk!
Let DAN know if you are interested in joining a Greeter line at the beginning of meetings.  Great way to get to know and be known!
Sep. 13th in place of our meeting, join BRUCE at the Gem & Mineral Museum tour downtown with lunch at Café La Art.  No sign up is needed for the Museum but if you want to attend the lunch, please RSVP to BRUCE JACOBS.
Prolific BRUCE has a new grandbaby, the handsome Ziggy Bobby Bunger and Mamma and baby are healthy and all are happy!
Sep. 20th meeting bring children’s books to donate.  Give to MARGARET.
Oct. 4th meeting bring personal items to donate to the homeless supported by Old Pueblo Community Service!  More info to follow and a truck will be outside the TCC for your donations.
Oct. 7th Wine Fellowship trip to Sonoita!  $139 includes booze, food & transport!
Oct. 12th join KYM ADAIR for Barstool Sports Kickoff luncheon featuring Teddy Brewsky at the TCC!
Nov. 1st meeting devoted to unique service projects with 10+ local philanthropic groups.  Representatives of each will present theirs and we all get to choose projects, which we individually may enjoy supporting.
Seven weeks to go to the car show and we are 82% away from our raffle / car show ticket sales goal (on track).  Please use the online email template to invite colleagues, friends & family to buy car show / raffle tickets!  One in four of us have sold tickets thus far, so now is the time to turn up our efforts!
Humorous MARGARET told a triplet of lexofilia (word play) jokes that provoked a few snickers and groans, re-capped the meeting and let energetic BRITTANY toast and adjourn another great meeting!