Posted by Ed Mystery on Jul 09, 2021
WOW!!  What a way to begin our Centennial Year…We all are very impressed with the New Home of the Rotary Club of Tucson, the Tucson Convention Center.  Alot has changed with the Convention Center over the years and now with the near completion of the enhancements, upgrades and additions to the entire Complex, we can finally say ‘We’re Back’.  And we are poised to do great things.
JONATHAN ROTHSCHILD led the Pledge of Allegiance and Song with Musical accompaniment by KHRIS DODGE on the Keyboard and DAN DEVOU on the Guitar.
MITCH PISIK, New Rotarian (since 03/25/21) gave the Inspiration which was fantastic.  He talked about what makes Rotarians special in our desire to serve our community in every way possible. 
Past president JEN HOFFMAN opened the Program that welcomed President MARK IRVIN.  JEN also received her Past President Rotary Badge and Rotary Theme Banner.
President MARK IRVIN opened the meeting by welcoming the many guests and acknowledged the new Rotary Members that have joined the Club over the past 6 months.  President MARK started by introducing Board members, BRUCE JACOBS, PE, Citations and Club Recognition.  GLENN EWING, Club Treasurer, MARCY EULER, RCOT Secretary, JOE DANISZEWSKI, Youth Services, KURTIS DAWSON, Service Projects, JEANNE FLOWER, Social Director and Program Management, ROB LAMASTER, Community Service and Recognition, CHRIS MOONEY, Public Relations, STEVE PICKERING, Membership.  He also acknowledged KHRIS DODGE, Sargent at Arms, DORINNA YORK, Club Executive Director, KARI MEGER, Assistant Director.
President MARK offered many thanks to everyone that helped him during his President Elect Year.
President MARK gave every member a New Rotary pin and expects everyone to proudly wear their pins.  He did mention ‘fines’!
MARK told everyone to look over the RCOT 5 Year Plan which includes: Membership, focusing on Youth, Women, and Diversity to make the Club more reflective of our population.  He pointed out where we stand with our membership in relation to other Rotary Clubs in the United States, 20th largest as well as Internationally, 35th and the largest Club in Arizona.
President MARK elaborated on what we can expect during his year: Great Key Note Speakers,  Tucson Treasures, Inspirations, History Lessons, More Music and more Social events,  past students speaking about where they are now, more Online events with Facebook and Switcher Studios. 
President MARK introduced the information initiative Fitness Board, and also will communicate where we are as a club in the areas of  Membership, Participation, Youth, Women, Age Distribution, Car Show and other key areas that are measurable.  Those categories will be presented in Slide format at future meetings.
MARK’S vision includes collaborations with other Rotary Clubs to use our influence to bring our Clubs activities together, such as events with the Roadrunners, the SugarSkulls, the FOX Theatre in having Rotary Nights at those events. President MARK talked about the Deck Hockey Rink that the Club financed and installed, that needs some completion such as landscaping and tree planting and possibly collaborating with the Mayor’s City Tree Planting initiative. MARK expounded on the TCC and the revitalization of the Downtown area.  There are a lot of opportunities Downtown.  Take the Cable Car and explore our Downtown. He then discussed three things we can all do.  Service above Self, everyone bring ONE and Engage, this is your Club. President MARK brought up the idea of a RCOT Time Capsule for our Centennial Year. Mark’s personal fundraiser is Fly Fishing. More to come on that. President MARK ended with three questions for everyone: Why did you join? Why are you staying? And what are you going to do to make it better? 
The Birthdays recognized this meeting – JIM LUBINSKI, and WAYNE MEYER.  Happy Birthday Gentlemen and thank you for your donations!
BOBBY LARSON talked about recruitment of Ex-Rotarian members to re-join the Club. CHAR HARRIS delivered our 1 minute History Lesson.
MARK thanked everyone for joining and gave his toast.  Meeting was adjourned right on time.