Posted by Ed Mystery on Jul 16, 2021
It was another great turn out for the 2nd meeting at our official location at the TCC in the Coconino-Greenlee Rooms.  It’s also great to see the badges again.  Don’t forget to have them scanned before you enter.  Once inside we were ushered to the Buffet Line where burgers and chicken were offered, which was a new addition and a nice change from the norm. 
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN rang the bell to begin the meeting.  A warm welcome by the Club was given for all guests, and fellow Rotarians; welcome to Downtown.
PAT PATTON led us in the pledge and song “Star Spangled Banner” with accompaniment by KHRIS DODGE and “JEN” the keyboard. 
The inspirational moment was presented by ANN MARSH who shared a fond memory of her visit to Tucson in 1982.  ANN shared how she was inspired by the beauty of Reid Park before she moved to Tucson 11 years later.  She gave a brief history of why the park is, at times, referred to as Randolph Park.  It was originally named after Epes Randolph who was a Tucson pioneer and railroad executive.  The city changed it to Reid Park in the 70’s.  It was renamed after the city’s first Park and Recreation director; Gene C. Reid.
After the room was a-chatter with fellowship and a break for lunch, PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN introduced our guests for today’s luncheon and welcomed all joining in person and virtually.  MARK introduced our meeting sponsor, Gust Rosenfeld; the law firm is also celebrating their 100 years in 2021.  MARK then shared they are also a Car Show Sponsor and have purchased $2,000 in Car Show Tickets! An introduction and history of the law firm was given by Mark Collins.
PRESIDENT MARK then introduced our speaker for today with a video introduction.  Welcome Randy Rogers, CEO of Tucson Association of Realtors.  Yet another business that is celebrating their 100 years in 2021; they were founded on April 27, 1921.  Randy spoke of the current unprecedented real estate market; the limited inventory and we took a look back at what 1921 was like.  The cost of a dream home was $6,296, a pound of peanut butter cost 15 cents and Babe Ruth topped his own major league records.  Along with some additional history of the Tucson Association of Realtors (TAR); in 1961 the Women’s Council of Realtors was created, in 1984 the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) was incorporated, in 1987 TAR founded the Hearth Foundation and in 2006 they moved into their current office space on Tucson Blvd & Grant Road; just to name a few milestones.  TAR has a membership of 50K strong, has a robust group of affiliates they work with and are actively engaged within the Tucson community.  They support local organizations with over $250K in grants given to the community to date as well as an Annual Golf outing that has given away over $100K.  The MLS is considered the ‘source of truth’ in the real estate community which just updated the website.  TAR is governed by a Board of Directors.  The Tucson Association of Realtors celebrated their 100th birthday with a press conference and a drive-thru party at the office location with over 300 members that joined by car to pick up goodie bags for the celebration! 
On behalf of the Tucson Association of Realtors, Randy gave an unexpected and fabulous contribution of $5,000 to RCOT which will go towards The Classics Car Show for JTED. Randy closed with some great questions from our Rotary Club members.  The book “A Party to Remember” was signed by Randy for our Make Way for Books Library. 
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN then gave a big shout-out ‘Thank you’ to GEORGE LARSEN for the donated storage space to house our auction items. Birthday announcements were next: DIANA CANNON a member since 2015 and BRUCE JACOBS a member since 2009.  A very happy birthday to you both!
SCOTT VAUGHAN then gave the Paul Harris Award to SARA GAAR EHRENS and WOCKY REDSAR WIERZBINSKI.  After a lovely history of each lady’s involvement in ROTARY, both were gifted a coveted jar of the famous DoubleTree chocolate chip cookies!   
CHAR HARRIS then gave our club a History Moment of the Camp Lawton Boy Scout Camp established in 1921, also celebrating 100 years in 2021 with wonderful pictures and updated pictures of the progress through the years. 
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN reminded all of his Fly-Fishing Fund, be sure to get in on that fun too!  Forms are available at the Registration Table.  
SERGEANT AT ARMS KHRIS DODGE presented the raffle which was won by one of our guests; Phillip Drachman.  Who then played the King of Clubs game that unfortunately Phillip did not draw.  Remember to purchase your raffle tickets at the door.  Next raffle in two weeks. 
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN reminded us of next week’s meeting at Hacienda Del Sol where we will be hearing from Colonel Joe Turnham the 355th Fighter Wing Commander.  Be sure to register on the website.  Thank you to all who joined via in person and virtually, we hope you enjoyed the meeting.  Thank you to all our guests.  If anyone would like to donate to our Scholarships, the cups are now located on the tables.  Please return your badge in your numbered slot on your way out and don’t forget to get your new magnetic Rotary pin from Dorinna or Kari.  A huge that you to Gust Rosenfeld for sponsoring this meeting.  Happy birthday to DIANA and BRUCE.  Congratulations to SARA and WOCKY on your Paul Harris.  Don’t forget our group picture day is July 28th.  Then PRESIDENT MARK gave the final toast before adjourning the meeting.