Posted by Ed Mystery
The meeting was initially started at 12:01 PM when PRESIDENT JACOBS rang the bell and invited anyone who had not entered the buffet lunch to please get their lunch.  The food was good, but the line was a single access instead of the double access so the line was significantly bogged down.  The meal was a variety of Mexican Cuisine.
The meeting began after a video rendition of the song “Imagine” at 12:17 PM.  Past-President JENNIFER HOFFMAN led us in Pledge and Song.
MITCH PISIK gave us the inspirational moment and had the following observations about our Rotary Group:  distinct purpose, always well-developed plan, focused—know who we are, impressive leaders, we exist in a constant state of improvement, no one goes alone, and we work harder not smarter.
Sargent at Arms, KHRIS DODGE did a wonderful job of introducing our guests—which was rather lengthy.
NINA TRASOFF introduced our guest speaker, Laura Conover, Pima County Attorney.  Laura gave us a two-year review of her office and priorities.  One of the big initiatives was their office getting involved in NARCAN distribution for the county.  She showed a video and showed how every minute matters to an overdose to narcotics.  When she took over the office, she said she had over 200 years of prosecutorial experience in house.  Last year’s focus was overhauling the criminal division.  This year’s focus is to overhaul the civil litigation division.  An observation that her office has made is that trying children as adults is a failure.  The conventional wisdom was that the conviction rate was higher—not so.  But the other aspect was the children placed in prison with adults come out as hardened adults with very bad outcomes.
The Make Way for Books donation was “Career as a Lawyer”.
TIM PUNTENNEY’s birthday was February 2nd.  Happy Birthday TIM!
CHAR HARRIS gave a wonderful engaging PAUL HARRIS presentation to WAYNE WOOD and DON RIEGGER.
Sargent at Arms KHRIS DODGE did the raffle which I believe has 17 cards left in the deck and is over $2000.00 at last report.  The small pot was won but the large pot carries into next week.
  1. Miles of Memories was updated by PRESIDENT BRUCE who whined he could not get his miles in while skiing and scuba diving—a collective sigh was heard by the members.
  2. Members were encouraged to wear their rodeo garb to the 2/22 meeting.
  3. Rillito River Clean up is March 4th 2023.Scan the code to sign up.
  4. MITCH PISIK has replaced WES WIGGINS on the board as WES’ travel schedule keeps him from being in town.
The meeting was adjourned at a leisurely and late time of 1:22PM.