Posted by Robert O'Brien on Mar 09, 2023
Darren Maguire’s championship record is long. Before joining Riverdance in 1996, he had earned first place at many regional and National competitions, including the Great Britain’s, All England, All Ireland and the Regional Oireachtas; and a second place in the World Championships. Darren was born into a dancing family. His parents, Kathleen and Michael Maguire, founded the highly-regarded Maguire O’Shea Academy of Irish Dance just outside London, England. Darren and his five siblings inherited the talent, all having won major dance titles. 
Darren has performed on many of the world’s most notable stages, including Radio City Music Hall, The Kremlin and the Great Hall of the People.
As an accredited ADCRG, Darren is certified to adjudicate Irish dance competitions under the rules of the Dublin, Ireland-based Irish Dancing Commission.
He relocated to Tucson, AZ, in the summer of 2006 and founded the Maguire Academy of Irish Dance after hanging up his Riverdance shoes, having danced with the world-renowned show for ten years.
Darren actively teaches classes at all three schools.
At the Maguire Academy of Irish Dance, students get a chance to learn from some of the best dancers in the world. There are currently three schools located in Tucson, Dallas and Houston. Over the years, Darren has gathered a highly-skilled staff that has performed at some of the world’s largest stages.
The Maguire Academy of Irish Dance is a committed team that:
-Strives toward excellence, while celebrating the joy of dance and competition.
-Cultivates creative leaders, mentors, and cultural ambassadors.
-Provides a safe, fun, and friendly environment for children to learn Irish Dance and form lasting friendships.
-Celebrate Irish culture and heritage.