Dear Rotary Club of Tucson Membership,
Virtual meeting #3 is in the can and posted on our Rotary Club of Tucson YouTube channel.  Hope you enjoy it.  The Terry Hunt research on Easter Island is really fascinating.  
So next week was scheduled to be our annual Home Hospitality week.  One of the favorite times of the year for many Rotarians, this is where we visit their homes and have good food, drink and fellowship.  So why can’t we still do all of that just without the “visiting peoples’ homes”?
Because with the magic of technology, we can still do this!  Many of you are now familiar with the online meeting platform called Zoom and it has some incredible capabilities.  (For those not familiar, it is very easy to set up.)  There is no reason why we cannot get a room full of Rotarians on one Zoom call and celebrate together.  
So here we go…we have two Rotarians, Mark Irvin and Wocky Redsar who have decided to step up and host a Zoom Home Hospitality Social next week.  They each hope to have 6-10 Rotarians join their social.  Members and their family can get on the computer and show what dinner they have prepared, share a cocktail, or smoke a cigar!  
Anyway, more will be coming from them, and for those Rotarians who have a Zoom account and are comfortable hosting an event, why don’t you step up and offer a social dinner?  If you are interested, please email the office by Monday noon.  Supply us with the date and time of your virtual social.  This can be any evening next week or even on the weekend.  We will email out all the events and help get your social populated with some hungry Rotarians!
So let’s have some fun with this and keep this wonderful tradition going even under the current circumstances.
Bob Logan
Rotary Club of Tucson