Ray & Carlotta Flores


Established in 1922, El Charro Café has become one of America's dining icons…


It’s the Nation's Oldest Mexican Restaurant that has been continually run by the same family.


Featuring traditional -Sonoran style food, along with uniquely Tucson creations, El Charro Café has been described by Gourmet Magazine as: "A Taste Explosion".


In fact, El Charro’s legendary Monica Flin, is world famous as “The Inventor of The Chimichanga.”


It came about by accident… Monica accidentally dropped a burro into the frying pan she was using to brown some beef, and when the hot oil splashed up, she was about to curse out loud in Spanish, using a common Spanish cuss word starting with “Ch”, but because she was surrounded by her young nieces and nephews, she blurted out “Chimichanga”, and accidentally created a dish now enjoyed all around the world….
El Charro’s menu is proof that it’s possible to maintain old world quality, while using recipes that are lower in trans fat, and even gluten free!
With a large array of award winning hand-crafted menu items and beverages , El Charro Café has written a full chapter in Tucson's Culinary History…