Posted by Bruce Jacobs on Jan 26, 2023
CALLING ALL MEMBERS. We are having our first Club Assembly in several years. “What is a Club Assembly”? A Club Assembly is the chance to share with all members information about the Club and with the help of YOU to help chart our future.
Clubs nationwide deal with the issues of retaining and growing membership along with dealing with the rising costs of food and labor. Our Club is no different. We are looking at our future and need to hear from ALL members on what their thoughts and ideas are for how we move forward over this next year and beyond.
How do we balance some of the old (traditions) with the new? How can we increase the engagement of all our members through service projects, social activities and changes that might be necessary for our meetings?
I mentioned at the start of my term that this is not “my” year this is “our” year. What I need from you is what do you want “your” club to look like, feel like and act like?
I hope you will plan to attend this very important meeting which will be at the Westward Look this week and please remember to RSVP. If it is past the cut off and you had not RSVP'd just send Dorinna an email and we know we can get you in. I would love to have 150+ members show up and participate.
Once we summarize all the data we collect from membership it will all be reported back to you. Please help to shape our Club’s future.
RCOT President, 2022-2023