Posted by Jim Murphy on Sep 13, 2023
Wright Flight, named after the Wright brothers, inspires youngsters to “reach new heights” in their academic and behavioral development.  Founded by Davis-Monthan Air Force officers in 1986, we’ve motivated over 30,000 youngsters to raise their grades in school in order to earn the right to fly a plane.  One TUSD Principal said Wright Flight was the best program he had seen in his 35 years in public schools. Wright Flight teaches what it means to give your word or sign a contract & the responsibility behind that action… and if you work hard, the subsequent rewards.  Teachers often tell us, it is the most motivating program in their school… perhaps innately so, because everyone dreams of flying.  We make those dreams come true. 
The mission of ICS is to provide pathways leading to more stable and self-sufficient lives. Founded upon the idea that diverse community and faith partners would better respond to community needs by working together, it has grown from serving hundreds of people in 1985 to over 60,000 people annually. ICS seeks funding to build and open an ICS Southside Office Workforce Development Center to help address unemployment, underemployment, and poverty specifically in the Southside.  ICS Workforce Development Centers provide individuals with support on their path to develop the skills and confidence needed to secure a job and stay employed. ICS also offers Bridges Financial Management and Getting Ahead programs that teach financial literacy skills and provide resources to help clients navigate out of poverty.   
The ECHO (Educational Community Home Outreach) Program at Keeling Elementary will provide a community school-based approach to achieve student and community transformation by tackling academic and non-academic barriers through before and after school programs, new learning opportunities for students and their families, and health and wellness support. Keeling is in one of the most in-need zip codes in Arizona (85705), resulting in low attendance and student success. Exciting after school programs will entice students to attend classes, and nearly 900 children, plus caregivers, will benefit from the program. Keeling will see increased attendance, test scores, and overall well-being; and increased financial literacy, better job prospects, and greater community connection for caregivers.
Turning away a woman who has no safe place to sleep is one of the heartbreaks we experience at Sister José Women’s Center. Our overnight shelter can only accommodate 42 women, which is not enough to meet the increasing demand in our community. We hope to expand our overnight shelter by 15 beds for women and their pets with nowhere to turn. Here, they will enjoy a hot meal, a safe space to sleep, and supportive services that help women overcome barriers so that they may secure permanent housing. This will add 5460 safe overnights annually. We have received partial funding for this project. Sister José’s has been providing compassionate care to unhoused women fleeing poverty, lack of affordable housing, and domestic violence since 2009. Please join us in leaving no woman out in the cold.