Pima Community College has partnered with the Gospel Rescue Mission’s Center of Opportunity through a unique arrangement – one that we believe could be replicated in other communities across the country. Guests of the Center have access to training opportunities, taught on-site at the Center, in a variety of programs designed to provide a direct-to-employment career path in five focus areas: 1) Building & Construction Technology; 2) Culinary Arts; 3) Health & Safety; 4) Information Technology; and 5) Logistics / Truck Driving. Learners participating in the training programs have costs covered for tuition, faculty salaries, fees, books, supplies and uniforms (if required) allowing students to have no educational loan debt upon completion. The goal of the partnership is to provide a pathway out of poverty for those who are struggling to earn a sustainable living wage. Current enrollments are expected to reach 100 with growth anticipated to exceed 300 learners when all programs are fully enrolled. An investment by the Rotary Club of Tucson Foundation will ensure that many more men and women are able to improve their financial situation. Funding received up to $100,000 would ensure existing training programs are able to continue. With funding over $100,000, we would expand offerings to add skills-based training programs in other high-demand areas. Additionally, Pima Community College welcomes the support of Rotary member businesses that are interested in offering meaningful employment opportunities to individuals who complete trainings at the Center. Thank you for your consideration.


OPCS is a Tucson-based nonprofit serving Pima County since 1996. We provide housing, counseling and support services to people experiencing homelessness in our community. The Covid-19 pandemic combined with a severe shortage of affordable housing has caused an alarming increase in homelessness in our community. The 2022 Point in Time Count identified a total of 2,227 homeless households in Pima County. We are requesting funding for OPCS’s Home Fund, a program established to ensure that individuals not eligible for government funded programs can access shelter services. Further, it helps cover Section 8 Housing application and deposit fees so individuals and families can secure permanent housing. These fees are not paid by HUD.  The Home Fund also provides employment support and helps with children’s needs.  The Rotary Club of Tucson’s support is more critical now than ever.  As homelessness in our community continues to increase, so do requests for Home Fund assistance. By stabilizing people through shelter, moving them into permanent housing, and implementing assistance programs to help keep them housed, we can not only reduce, but eliminate, homelessness in Pima County.

For 60 years Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona has served children and youth in Tucson by providing and supporting one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth. Our mentoring model has proven time and again that providing additional friendship and guidance to youth is a powerful way to prevent risky behaviors and dropping out of school. We ask the Tucson Rotary to support the launch of our high school mentoring program, Mentor2.0, at Tucson High School, Sunnyside High School, and Apollo Middle School. Mentor2.0 combines mentoring and classroom curriculum to support students from 9th grade through graduation. Mentor2.0 students graduate high school with the knowledge they need to be successful and a plan for their future!