When people think of America’s space program, the states of Texas and Florida often come to mind. Although often ignored in movies, books, and pop culture, Arizona has played a critical role in space exploration. Arizona’s landscape, people, and universities have played a significant role in making scientific discoveries about the universe, sending astronauts to the Moon, and preparing uncrewed missions to explore other worlds. David Turpie will discuss Arizona’s role in space exploration and show images from the Arizona History Museum’s new exhibit called “Ready to Launch: Arizona’s Place in Space.”
David Turpie ~ Biography
A native of South Carolina, David majored in history at the University of Tennessee, before moving to Maine, where he completed a Ph.D. in history from the University of Maine. After teaching college-level history in Maine for four years, David moved to the Kentucky Historical Society, where he served as editor of the state history journal. David moved to Arizona in 2018 to take up his current position at the Arizona Historical Society. At AHS, David serves as editor of the Journal of Arizona History, oversees the annual Arizona History Convention, and directs the statewide exhibition and education teams. He has published his own research in several academic journals. He formerly served on the editorial board of the University Press of Kentucky and currently serves on the editorial advisory board of the University of Arizona Press.