Posted by Dave Gallaher on Mar 18, 2021
Latest Rotary Club of Tucson Foundation International Projects by Dave Gallaher, Foundation President
Your Club Foundation has had a busy six months and funded two international projects that include many Rotary Club partners across the county and the world.  The Foundation first approved a $6000.00 contribution collaborating with the Catalina Club (Barbara Kiernan) who was successful in an international grant for providing seed purchases for providing food and garden projects to indigenous villages surrounding Alamos Mexico when Chuck Sawyer was Club President.  The Foundation’s most recent contribution to the medical technology project in Alamos was related to the pandemic.  Your club members and some Foundation members visited the city of Alamos two years earlier in January 2019 to celebrate the success of providing badly needed medical technology and supplies for the Alamos clinic. 
With the advent of the Covid pandemic there were many shortages of PPE equipment for clinic workers and volunteers and villagers.  A second international project fund request from our past President Bob Logan in the amount of $2000 was approved by the Foundation Board last summer.  These funds were used for securing PPE equipment for the Alamos clinic volunteers and villagers. 
Current club President Jennifer Hoffman approached the Foundation last Fall for contributing $2000 of international presidential funds for a mobiles breast cancer screening bus in India. This project involves many Rotary clubs from around the world and raised several hundred thousand dollars to design and build the cancer screening bus.  This project is located in part of Ramakrishna India. 
The funds contributed above came from the Foundation’s Club President’s discretionary funds that each Club President inherits upon the beginning of their year as President. 
The Foundation has begun several endowment funds that upon reaching their minimum of $100,000 in funds will begin contributions to various projects.  We have three relatively new endowment funds that will include funds for international projects, community charities and scholarships.  For ideas on how you can help build a “legacy” and plan for planned giving please reach out to Jo DeChatelet who currently heads the Foundation’s Legacy Membership.  Jo can be reached at 891-5759 or by email