Posted by Ed Mystery on Aug 09, 2021
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN called the meeting to order. 
KURTIS DAWSON gave the Inspiration and urged us to do good and invoked a thought-provoking quote attributed to St. Francis of Assisi: “Preach the Gospel at all times; when necessary, use words.”
SHARYN FELTON led us in the pledge and “God Bless America”.
Matt Russell, via video, introduced our guest speaker Bishop Gerald Kicanas, who talked about the almost $50,000,000 that has been invested in revitalizing ‘Cathedral Square’ in the heart of downtown Tucson.  Bishop Kicanas invited all to take a walk and visit the Cathedral after the meeting.
President MARK introduced new member MITCH PISIK (Business Consulting).  MARK told the club of MITCH’S desire and hard work to get to his blue badge.  Welcome MITCH to the club!
Past Pres and car show founder JON WANG commenced a ‘History Moment’ about Paul Harris when he was interrupted by Pres-elect BRUCE JACOBS, who asked PP JON about the ingredients to allow us to jog late into life. PP JON provided the following:
  1. Perfect anatomical alignment from base of skull to tip of big toe
  2. No extra load (delete the fat)
  3. Decent brain function
  4. Genetic blessing of durable joint surfaces
Sergeant-at-Arms KHRIS DODGE awarded $37 to JAY GANDOLFI, raffle winner, who failed to pull the King of Clubs from the deck so the pot grows again.
‘No handshake/Hug’ ribbons are coming soon. (Pres MARK)
The Fly-Fishing fund is $100 richer thanks to Past Pres CHARLOTTE HARRIS. (Pres MARK)
Centennial celebration ads are selling fast for the Daily Star Insert. (JIM LUBINSKI)
Centennial Rotary shirts will be available soon. (BRUCE JACOBS)
The club has sold 24% of its car show tickets. (JOE DANISZEWSKI)
Next week’s program is Kathy Prather of JTED.
Pres MARK adjourned the meeting at approximately 12:20 with a toast to our speaker for all the vital work he has done with Cathedral Square.