Posted by Ed Mystery on Aug 23, 2021
Another great start to another great meeting.  It’s wonderful to see so many faces each week and to have our badges scanned by the Greeters.  For those of us who have had the pleasure of watching “The Desert Speaks” series on PBS; we were all on the edge of our seats to hear the wonderfully entertaining and educating David Yetman give his presentation. PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN rang the bell to begin the meeting.  A warm welcome by the Club was given for all guests, and fellow Rotarians, welcome again to Downtown.
LYNN STRUTHERS PEATE led us in the pledge and song “Star Spangled Banner” with another wonderful accompaniment by KHRIS DODGE and “JEN” the keyboard. The inspirational moment was presented by KYM ADAIR who shared a message of Esteeming others: Be quick to forgive, Be positive and Lift someone up each day. 
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN then gave a thank you to CHRIS MOONEY for the new group Rotary picture we are now using on the web page and for the Tucsotarian.  If you are missing from the picture and want CHRIS to work his magic putting you in it, he can. We then took a break for fellowship and lunch. After the break, JOHN DUVAL then introduced our guests for today’s luncheon and welcomed all.
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN then introduced our speaker for today with a video introduction by RICK ROSE from Film Creations.  Welcome David Yetman!  David’s presentation, “Saguaros and Other Cacti Are Up to Something” began with beautiful pictures of saguaros and other native cacti throughout our Southern America’s but prefaced those that are ‘crested’ though beautiful and interesting, are all up to nefarious activities and very sinister.  This happens when environmental and human disturbances create them to want revenge!  His presentations did not disappoint with plenty of gorgeous cacti pictures, that are bigger than you can imagine, and full of entertaining commentary as well as educational. The book “Fatima’s Great Outdoors” was signed by David for our Make Way for Books Library. 
Birthday announcements were next: SHARYN FELTON a member since 2016, JEANNE ZETAH a member since 2019, and SARA GAAR EHRENS a member since 2018.  A very happy birthday to all three lovely ladies!
A new member was introduced to the club by PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN; JOHN DUVAL, welcome to the Club.  JOHN then gave a brief history of his involvement in Rotary and why though he moved away for 14 years, he always knew he’d be back in Tucson. 
CHAR HARRIS and MARIANNE FREITAS then gave the Paul Harris Award to Sam McGaughey and Marge McGaughey.  They were both the ultimate entertainers, loved to share great jokes each time they opened their home to gatherings for fellowship.  
JON WANG then gave our club a History Moment of our Club’s Creator, PAUL HARRIS.  It all started in Chicago with four members in February 1905.  They met every two weeks and would rotate the meetings’ location.  They decided the group needed a name; after lots of suggestions by the 3rd meeting, they chose the name Rotary Club.  The rest is history.
Next it was the always anticipated Raffle and King of Clubs Game presented by SERGEANT AT ARMS KHRIS DODGE.  The King of Clubs was not drawn, better luck next week!  Remember to purchase your raffle tickets at the door. 
JIM LUBINSKI and JONI CONDIT – both gave updates to the: Centennial, Auction, Tickets and Goodie Bags.  So far only 70 people have registered for the Centennial Event on September 25th.  We’ve planned for 300 attendees, please sign up and buy your tickets!  Remember to register to bid on auction items.  STEVE PICKERING let the committee know he was able to sign up easily.  If STEVE PICKERING can do it – you can to!  We also need more auction items for the event.  Thank you to all those that have donated and for anyone else that has auction items, please get them in ASAP.  KYM ADAIR shared that she needs donations for the Car Show goodie bags.  She needs 450 items for the bags, please see KYM for your donations. 
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN had a few additional reminders: next week is “Bring Your Competitor to Rotary Day.” Be sure to register via the email link for the Centennial Event on Eventbrite. Our Past President BOB LOGAN was the lucky member to have his fishing picture chosen for MARK’s Fly-Fishing Fund this week.  BOB was sure to add a few laughs in on his picture for MARK’s announcement. BRUCE JACOBS gave a reminder to the club to order your Rotary apparel soon.
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN closed with a final reminder that the scholarship cups are now on the table, thank you to all attendees both in-person and virtually, remember to return your badge in your numbered slot on your way out and if you have not received your new magnetic Rotary pin, see DORINNA or KARI.  Happy birthday to SHARYN, JEANNE and SARA. Next week’s presentation is by FLETCHER MCCUSKER, Rio Nuevo.  PRESIDENT MARK gave the final toast before ringing the bell to adjourn the meeting.