Posted by Ed Mystery on Aug 02, 2021
It’s Day 28 of the first reign of the second century of our prestigious Rotary Chapter.
The noon sky had the purple hue complementing an ever so gentle breeze– as if admitting it was exhausted and in need of temporary reprieve from a week of unprecedented rains and oppressive humidity.
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN started the meeting on time – as per usual, garnering everyone’s appreciation.
DIANA MADARAS, owner of the Madaras Gallery, led the pledge and song: “My Country tis of Thee”.
Everyone gave a moment of thought and well wishes for our good friend ERNIE MONTAGNE. A card was enthusiastically signed by all. Most comments projected appropriate respect and sincere well-wishes.
KYM ADAIR, Community & Social Services: Director of The Arizona Bowl - delivered an enthusiastic Inspirational Moment about ADIA BARNES and accomplishing the impossible. (Is it my imagination – or have the Inspirational Moments been truly outstanding this month?)
MARK gave thanks to DARRELL STEWART for the PHF’s for the Rincons.
We had a delicious lunch consisting of a creative medley of all the basic food groups – a veritable symphony of flavors, colors, and textures. The Convention Center is really stepping up their culinary game.
MARK asked our illustrious guests to stand and receive that Rotarian love of which we are renowned. Once again there was a plethora/cacophony/riot/virtually an overabundance of potential members invited, present, and accounted for. We will exceed that 300-member mark sooner than most thought feasible. Those who had faith in this being accomplished will be judiciously vindicated.
Farhang and Medcoff, a local law firm whose international headquarters is located in Tucson, was introduced by MARK as being a generous sponsor of today’s meeting. Ali Farhang shared an update on the developments of the Arizona Bowl – all good news.
Following a rousing video, ADIA BARNES – Head Coach UA Women’s Basketball gave an amazing presentation on highlights from past seasons, culture, working through adversity, heart, passion, and maintaining composure. This is going to be a wonderful season.
She then signed the book “I Promise” for the Make Way for Books library.
We all rejoiced in the birthday recognitions of, and were satiated by, the rousing talks by:
ROBIN STODDARD:  Aviation Education / Wright Flight, Inc.
TOM WILLIS: CPA Private Practice / Guill, Blankenbarker & Lawson.
ANDY KIEL: Real Estate: Investments / Optimize Investments.
A big happy birthday Gentlemen!
BOB SHAFF:  Consulting: Marketing / Customers For Life Consulting indulged us with an inspirational historical moment about our very own MIKE ANDERSON – which included a joyful video.
KHRIS DODGE - Entertainment: Music / Khris Dodge Entertainment (Who, in his capacity as The Sergeant at Arms, lyrically rules with an iron fist enshrouded in a velvet glove) shared the raffle results. Only 0.046% of those Rotarians in attendance won.
The ubiquitous, yet of substantial import, announcements included:
MARK IVIN – Reminded members to stay after the meeting for the club group photo.
MARK IRVIN – No Handshake/Hug Ribbons will be available soon.
MARK IRVIN - #Irv’s Fly-Fishing Fund.  Thank you WOCKY REDSAR for your donation.
JIM LUBINSKI – Centennial advertising opportunities.
KEN LIGHT – Auction items needed. 
JOE DANISZEWSKI – Update on Car Show tickets sales.  Keep selling!!!!
MARK gave a toast that impressively managed to simultaneously be gracious, insightful, soulful, introspective, and profound.
It was a bittersweet moment when MARK adjourned the meeting, as parting is such sweet sorrow.
A photo was taken of our membership. Fortunately, most of us had our eyes open and were looking in the general vicinity of the camera. CHRIS MOONEY promised to the best he could with the material he was given (there is a reason he generally only works with professionals).
The 1:30 sky had transitioned to a light violet – as if projecting its approval of the fine work of our esteemed Rotary chapter.