Posted by Ed Mystery on May 17, 2021
Wow, what progress the Tucson Convention Center is making with the addition of convention space, parking garages and Gem Show facilities.  Again, The Rotary Club of Tucson met at TCC amid the construction.  Despite the conversation of renewed greetings and our “personal breaking out” from many Covid restrictions, PRESIDENT JEN HOFFMAN was able to gavel us to order.  STEVE STEENSON led in the Pledge and the singing of “My Country “Tis of Thee” accompanied by KHRIS DODGE on keyboard.
A moment of silence was given for CINDY GODWIN whose husband, Jim, died May 7th.  Thank you, CINDY, for your many years of Rotary and community service.  Accept our Rotary condolences.
Our Weekly Inspirational Moment embedded the video, “Foster Child Adopted.”  The love and care given by a single male teacher to a young foster boy who needed dialysis and then a kidney transplant led to adoption. Receiving a parent was as good as receiving a kidney!
Following a warm welcome to all attending Rotarians and their guests and to many virtual Rotarians, PRESIDENT JEN introduced VIC JACOBS, our 18- year Rotarian, who gave Arizona Highways Editor, Robert Stieve, a Zoom welcome to our club. Steve’s virtual presentation “History of Arizona Highways” reminded us of our great Arizona natural beauty, our rich cultural life of artists, photographers and authors and our Southwestern self-determination—all of which has been featured in Arizona Highways magazine beginning in 1925 and is presently sent out to over 120,000 subscribers worldwide. Steve, you make us proud to be Arizonans!
Thank you, KYM ADAIR and JO DECHATELET, for sharing your birthdays with us, contributing to Rotary and keeping us involved in the Arizona Football Bowl and our Rotary Legacy Giving.
New member, ABBY NAGBE, was introduced by her sponsor, JOE DANISZEWSKI.  ABBY is with Tacant as a Life Coach. She is a mother of two with multiple interests: hiking, yoga, meditation and even being “a comedian,” This ME now knows where Togo and Ivory Coast are in the west of Africa.  Welcome, ABBY, to RCoT.  You will be a great asset to our club.
PAST DISTRICT GOVERNOR ERNIE MONTAGNE was honored with the Regional Service Award for a Polio-Free World presented by PP and PDG ELLIE PATTERSON. ERNIE’S passion for polio eradication is shown by his 10 years of cycling in the El Tour for District 5500.  The contributions to Rotary by ERNIE are more than this space will allow.  Thank you, ERNIE, for your military service, your Rotary wisdom and your truly infectious optimism.
JAMIE SNYDER, CEO of Tucson Metropolitan Ministries Family Services, was presented her Blue Badge by Mentor, ANDY SHERMAN.  Ask JAMIE about her “running, weightlifting, swimming, biking, camping—and making great cookies.”
S at A, GARY OLSEN, keeps the raffle pool growing and also keeps the Jackson announcements brief and clear. PAST PRESIDENT BOB LOGAN “briefly” accepted from PRESIDENT JEN the impressive book, Rotary Connects the World, a compilation of Tucsotarians, in appreciation of his memorable year.  Thank you, PP BOB, for creating an impressive “game plan” for moving us down the field. Our Replacement Mixer will be 5/26 at Brother John's.  Make sure to register.  PP HUGH THOMPSON introduced us to the TCCS “business” card which invites your friends and contacts to join us on October 16 with their purchase of a $10 ticket. The card should have your first name, last name initial and followed by an “X” to identify you as the referring Rotarian.  Six-year General Manager of the Tucson Convention Center, Glenn Grabski, detailed us on all the TCC progress, projects and goals.  All Rotarians, don’t forget to pick up your TCCS tickets.
PRESIDENT JEN’S parting toast: “It’s not enough to be kind. One has to be kinder”, a quote from the Book Wonder written by R.J. Palacio.  “So here is to being kinder.”  JEN, you’re getting “short”, as we said in Viet Nam, so be careful running.