Posted by Ed Mystery on May 04, 2020
President BOB opened our latest virtual meeting and invited all members to subscribe to the Rotary Club of Tucson YouTube Channel.  The subscription will not put you on any email lists and will keep you up to date during this period away.  Although we are probably weeks from an in person meeting even if given the all clear today, President BOB brought us solace in the form of the recipe for the Doubletree Cookies.  (No worries if you get to step 4 and decide to just eat the dough out of the mixing bowl!) President BOB also encouraged us all to review the screen shots of recent Zoom Home Hospitality dinners.  And finally, our fearless leader thanked the many generous Rotarians who have stepped up to fund ongoing virtual meetings.
Our Pledge and Song was K-3 Kids from Dublin, California (note the ambidextrous pledge in the center front row) and a beautiful rendition of “America The Beautiful” by the US Air Force Band. President BOB then brought us an inspirational moment from “On the Road” where a seemingly suspicious Facebook message from Liberia started a wonderful charitable effort between the sender and recipient.
ROB LAMASTER introduced our guests and visiting Rotarians, including one former member who looks suspiciously like Paul Harris.
President BOB then introduced our keynote speakers Margaret Larsen and Adriana Rincon from Angel Charity for Children.  Angel Charity was started by Louise Thomas in 1983 in memory of her son who died.  The organization has raised $28 million to help one million children over 38 years to help non-profits who serve children.  The speakers noted that the goal is to help “the right charity at the right time” and as a result, over 99% of recipients are still serving the Tucson community.  Angel Charity has 150 members but almost no overhead due to high volunteer participation.  Recent recipients include the Intermountain Centers for Youth, Literacy Connects, Boys to Men, and Jewish Family and Children’s Services. In 2019, the Children’s Clinics received a $700,000 grant to renovate their spaces along with Make Way for Books who received a grant for an innovative reading program.  Thank you, Angel Charity, for everything you do for Tucson’s children!
We had one birthday, esteemed Past President CHUCK SAWYER, who decided to forego his Presidential Five Minutes in favor of giving a Blue Badge to JEFF HOTCHKISS.  Congratulations JEFF!
And on a very sad note, TOM STRASBURG gave a Memorial Moment for the passing of Past President HAL ADAMSON.  Past President HAL was remembered for his character, common sense, and great sense of humor.  A graduate of Tucson High and the U of A, Past President HAL was a Bronze Medal recipient in the Korean War.  In a video he encouraged us all that the best way to get the most out of Rotary is to participate fully.  We all will certainly miss HAL ADAMSON!
President BOB concluded with a Rotary Inspirational video about a water project in Ghana, and thanked GLENN EWING and EC Group for their help in getting Dorinna up and able to function virtually – all free of charge.  Thank you, GLENN!  President BOB closed the meeting with a toast to hope and a sign over the world that we are closed (for now).