Posted by Ed Mystery on Mar 29, 2021
President JEN HOFFMAN called the meeting to order at 12 noon indoor at the beautiful Hacienda Del Sol with 61 in attendance. This was an increase due to the venues relaxation of some of the pandemic mitigation policies recently announced by the state of Arizona.
A special note that our new streaming video package covered the entire meeting with a 3-camera shoot including the opening of the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and singing of the National Anthem, led by CHUCK SAWYER, past president of Rotary Club of Tucson. Additionally, the inspirational video, “Teacher with Alter Ego” was captured for the first time for our virtual Rotarian audience. We learned how a serious and dedicated hardnose teacher also assisted in the local hospital for 20 years was really a caring, compassionate volunteer with a big heart. You can see this wonderful achievement of the AV committee on a temporary virtual Rotary Facebook site. Just click here.
The lunch featured a juicy chicken dish, bone in, with a delicious sauce and some healthy vegetables. As always Hacienda Del Sol banquet staff were attentive to the hungry Rotarians.
President JEN kicked off the formal part of the meeting by thanking all of the virtual audience attending the meeting and introduced Joshua Magee, guest of Ernie and Sally Montagne, Mitch Pisik guest and prospective member of MARK IRVIN and Sandra Solial, guest of DANIELLE BAILLIERI, who is checking out the club.
JEANNE FLOWER introduced today’s program featuring Tucson author, Carolyn Niethammer. “Feeding Tucson in the UNESCO City of Gastronomy”. Carolyn shared with us the evolution of local heritage foods which began in our area with a variety of  items which could be roasted over a fire, Corn was the primary source of food during this time. Heritage foods changed with the Hohokam, who were able to develop containers (Pottery) whereas beans and squash could be boiled in water due to the container that held water. With the arrival of Father Kino, cattle were introduced to the area along with animal husbandry techniques. In addition, Kino brought European fruits and vegetables and spring/winter wheat now referred to as Sonoran wheat. Wheat flourished due to new irrigation techniques introduced to the farmers. Eventually Mexican foods were introduced by the Spaniards. Sonoran wheat is now grown again thanks to Native Seeds and is used throughout our area for baking, craft bears and many other uses.

Today’s Birthdays featured DOT KRET (3/21), DAN DEVOU (3/26) and RICHARD WHITE (3/31), who returns after a one-year hiatus due to COVID-19.
SCOTT VAUGHAN was called upon to introduce the newest PAUL HARRIS FELLOW recipient to Rotarians, DENNIS DRISCOLL, plus 3 who used the 4-way test as the “Golden Rule” and RICHARD WHITE, a plus 3 as well. RICHARD is a community leader in United Way, Red Cross and other community organizations.
Sergeant of Arms: Announcements:
BRUCE JACOBS – Home Hospitality Week of 4/21(no lunch meeting) – Need Hosts.
CHUCK SAWYER – Venue Committee Update for future meetings.  Narrowed down from 9 to 3.  Need your feedback so the following lunch meetings will be held. Selection criteria included location, value and overall quality.  New meeting held April 7 Hilton East, newly renovated, April 14 at the TCC, remodeled and April 28 Westward look also renovated.
DAVE GALLAHER – Triangle Y Ranch Project.
JOE DANISZEWSKI – Camp Lawton Boy Scout Camp Project 4/24.
JOE DANISZEWSKI continued with Blue Badge presentation to ERNIE MONTAGNE, a past District Governor and former operations analyst and army engineer from 1959-1981. A 20-year Rotarian veteran.
Next meeting March 31 will be held at Hacienda del Sol featuring past president, CLIFF BOWMAN, will be presenting the results of the 2020 Tucson Classics Car Show.
Meeting was adjourned at 1:27 with a President JEN ending the meeting with a message about being “friendly”.