Posted by Ed Mystery on Mar 19, 2021
WOW, what a meeting.  Now hear me out.  This is so important to you, especially if you have been away for all or most of the last year.  This meeting was as good as they get for me, and I’ve been here 19 years.   TWO REASONS:
So many members we have not seen in about a year, returned this week, as Hacienda Del Sol allowed for larger but controlled capacity and the CDC advocated more liberal meeting opportunities.  MIKE ANDERSON, JONI CONDIT, FAYE MORSE, MARIANNE FREITAS, ADIA BARNES (just kidding), DAVE GALLAHER, MARCIA KRUMWIEDE, RICK ROSE, LEE OLITZKY, WAYNE MEYER, SALLY & ERNIE MONTAGNE -- Friends for life with all of us.  So great to see each other.
The featured presentation from our Centennial Committee made my socks roll up and down!  JIM LUBINSKI heads a massive committee who presented their extraordinary plans for a celebration like neither we or the community have ever seen.  For that reason alone, if you were not present, I urge you to view the meeting this very day on YouTube or Facebook, as described in this bulletin.
  • DR. JON WANG, History Chair presented a moving remembrance of our first scholarship recipient (1947), JIM WALKER, and also RAY MANLEY, the legendary world-famous photographer.  Both served this Club and humanity bigly.
  • RICK ROSE (a 32-year member) is producing a 24 minute documentary of RCOT’s 100 year history. He showed us a piece of the unfinished work. Not a dry eye.
  • LEE OLITZKY, like so many on this committee, has been working outside our view for months. Our centennial event will take place on the evening of September 25th, likely at the TCC from 5pm to 9pm – to include cocktails around a display of classic cars, a gala dinner and program, the premiere showing of the RICK ROSE film about Rotary’s impact, and a live auction!
  • MICHELE HATCH is a 2-year member and is bursting with energy and leadership skills. As CLASSICS CAR SHOW Auction Chair, she tells us the auction will be live at the event as well as global via internet. The auction will include some surprises from the Jay Leno Collection of classic cars and memorabilia.
  • JONI CONDIT, 2021 Classics Car Show Chair (SUPREME FIFTEEN) , revealed more great news than anyone! No pre-owned Corvette this year. NO. NO. This $10 raffle ticket can win the hottest new car on the market -- the 2021 C8 CORVETTE STINGRAY COUPE. Even with the 2020 model, there is still an average one year wait to buy it. But our Rotary committee has so impressed the powers that we are now in front of the line for the new 2021 model as it rolls off the line. In fact, she will be here next month.Five more great prizes too. You are already receiving information about our Big Goals -- Big Plans.Get ready to commit to SELL, VOLUNTEER, and BRING auction items.
  • Great year ahead! $250,000 for JTED. One winner gets the $70,000 C8 CORVETTE. (Maybe me). As JONI tells it, “GO BIG OR GO HOME.”
Oh yeah, we also had a meeting.
  • STEVE PICKERING pledged and sang with us.
  • A moment of silence to reflect on the passing of former member, Tom Healy.
  • CHARLOTTE HARRIS presented a powerful inspiration moment, around the loss of young Caleb Hatch last year. His mother, our member, MICHELE HATCH, has helped create “Caleb’s Assist,” a resource to help other kids who might share the same passions Caleb did.
  • Pres JENNIFER HOFFMAN introduced several guests… and then at 1:15PM remarked, “I know we are running late but I have time in the bank.”
  • Then Birthday moments for three Past Presidents with an aggregate age of 218 years: LARRY ADAMSON (50 Years in this Club), ELLIE PATTERSON, and Dr. JON WANG.
  • Sarge GARY OLSEN mentioned April meetings will be at three extraordinary locations, as we visit the finalists that vie for our business.
  • JIM MURPHY reminded us of the Centennial grants we provided to the JTED runners-up, the Reid Park Zoo and the Interfaith Council.
  • Then JIM stuck around and presented a Blue badge to KHRIS DODGE. About time!
  • 1:30 pm.   The toast.  The Bell .... WHAT A MEETING!