Thank you, PRESIDENT JEN HOFFMAN, for presiding over a very informative, inspiring and delicious Rotary luncheon in the Casa Luna Room at the beautiful Hacienda del Sol Resort.  Our SERGEANT-AT-ARMS GARY OLSEN led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and a cappella singing of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”  GARY’s Army career, his many years of massage therapy healing and his involvement with Sautillo Equity Company are certainly reasons to engage GARY in conversation.
Please read the poem by Trupti Paliwal in this Tucsotarian which was PP PHIL GUTT’S inspiration and followed the wisdom of Winston Churchill: “We may not be at the beginning of the end, but we may well be at the end of the beginning.”
PRESIDENT JEN welcomed Beth Borozan, Chief of Staff to SUPERVISOR STEVE CHRISTY, as well as Sandra Soliel, Tamara Wilson and Abby Nagbe all checking out our remarkable club.  Virtual Rotarians, you were not forgotten!
PP BOB SHAFF enthusiastically introduced our own STEVE CHRISTY, Pima County District 4 Supervisor.  STEVE’S extensive experience in business, local government and charitable organizations is detailed in the recent Tucsotarian.  This M.E., as well as all Rotarians, received a detailed lesson from STEVE in the complexity of Pima County government and politics.  SUPERVISOR STEVE is the sole minority among our five district supervisors, but STEVE’S acumen in business is critical to the Board and to our local economy.  STEVE is confident that this new Board will work together for Pima County.  The Rotary Club of Tucson is honored to have SUPERVISOR and ROTARIAN STEVE CHRISTY.
Happy birthday, PP EMERY BARKER.  EMERY was President in our 75th year and very instrumental along with GARD PIERCE and PP HUGH THOMPSON in developing Projecto Amanacer, our major RI partnership with the Hermosillo, Mexico, Rotary Club.  Local physicians, nurses and staff along with much medical technology went to Hermosillo and worked with their medical community.  We certainly needed attorney EMERY’S  legal mind and negotiation of the 3H Grant.  I do know that James Lee Burke is EMERY’S favorite mystery writer!
The “History Moment” featured the “Don and Jon” show.  PP DON ROLLINGS was President of RCoT in 1987-88 when women were first introduced as Rotary members.  Quote PP JON WANG to DON: “I have often thought that you were the perfect President to do so. As the result of your decision, the Rotary Club of Tucson has benefited enormously from the energy, creativity, and leadership that women have brought.  We currently have 66 women in our Club…7 have been President including present leader, JEN HOFFMAN….2 have been Chairs of our Tucson Classics Car Show.  That decision was one of the most important events (possibly the most important) in the past 50 years of RCoT history.”  Thank you DON and JON and women Rotarians.
PRESIDENT JEN is still running!  We were reminded of the scholarship cups, the February 10th social mixer at El Charro’s, all Virtuals were thanked and PRESIDENT JEN sent us off with our masks on and 6 feet distancing!  Please read Laurence Gonzales article in the Feb. 2021 Rotary issue, “Survival of the Resilient.”