Here is a moving Inspiration given by Past President Phil Gutt during our last week's meeting:
These are trying times.  For better or worse, we have survived the election process once again.
With regard to the pandemic, I borrow from the words of Winston Churchill: 'We may not be at the beginning of the end, but we may well be at the end of the beginning.'
As we persevere, consider today's inspiration, adapted from a poem by Trupti Paoiwal and entitled Hopes for the Future
In the coming months…
          May we talk more, chat less.
                   May we call more, text less.
                             May we meet more, Zoom less.
May we travel more, lockdown less.
                   May we care more, ignore less.
                             May we do more, gossip less.
May we praise more, blame less.
                             May we share more, accumulate less.
                                      May we experience more, fear less.
May we love more, hate less.