Posted by Ellie Patterson on Jun 07, 2021
Two remarkable opportunities were presented to me involving Rotary and I feel extremely fortunate. The first happened eleven years ago when I was asked to visit the Rotary Club of Tucson. I seized the opportunity to join the best Rotary club in Arizona when asked to become a member. I have made many wonderful friends in this club and have been blessed with the support, fellowship and love that I received throughout these past eleven years. The memories hold dear in my heart.
The second opportunity that has been recently presented to me is being a part of the new movement in Rotary, with the addition of the 7th area of Focus –Supporting the Environment, that will be official July 1 for Rotary International. My part will be helping to charter the first environmentally-focused Rotary club in AZ and one in which I will join others as a charter member of Tucson Verde Rotary club, thus transferring my membership. The health of the environment has been a great passion of mine for most of my life and now through the power of Rotary I will be able to tackle environmental issues with other concerned Rotarians in this newly formed cause-based club. Preserving and protecting planet earth, starting with concerns in our own community of Tucson and southern AZ, is where I will now focus my Rotarian energies. I would like to help with the Car Show and still be a part of this wonderful Tucson Rotary club as a friend, fan, and supporter. Tucson Rotary is the best.
Ellie Patterson