Rotary Club of
Tucsotarian - April 20, 2022
We meet:
WEDNESDAYS, 12:00 NOON - 1:20 PM
Meetings are held @ Tucson Convention Center
260 S. Church Ave
Tucson, AZ  85701
United States
(520) 623-2281
The University of Arizona: Leading Through COVID
Dr. Robert C. Robbins will discuss the University of Arizona's mission as a land-grant university, including its leadership through the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is now well-positioned to create positive impact in Arizona and globally in the years to come.
Dr. Robert C. Robbins is the 22nd president of the University of Arizona. From 2012 - 2016, he served as CEO of the Texas Medical Center, after enjoying a 20-year faculty career at Stanford University School of Medicine, where he was chairman of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery and founding director of the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute.
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Mystery Editor ~ 4/13/22
Welcome back to the Tucson Convention Center this fantastic Wednesday afternoon!
Today’s lunch was a BBQ buffet.  PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN rang the bell at 12:15p to start the meeting.
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN called for a Moment of Silence for Ukraine.  PRESIDENT MARK then spoke on DAN GUARE’s behalf to share that TOM WILLIS has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, there are cards being passed around giving our well wishes to TOM.  
We were led in the pledge and song by GARY OLSEN.  Today’s song was “Star Spangled Banner” with assistance on the keyboard from KHRIS DODGE. 
The inspirational moment was given by MITCH PISIK. MITCH was well aligned with March Madness.  MITCH is definitely a numbers guy who took a deep dive into the potential growth of our club – with numbers.  He shared some excellent statistics of how many Tucsonans could become Rotarians.  Ask, Invite and Educate. 
PRESIDENT MARK introduced SERGEANT AT ARMS, KHRIS DODGE, who then introduced our guests with his usual gusto. 
Today’s Program was introduced by KHRIS DODGE.  The very talented violinist and blues artist, Heather Hardy along with her longtime musical partner Michael.  Heather and Michael then played a few fabulous songs, we all enjoyed listening to and sharing the experience. 
The book “Family Dynamics: Embrace Your Sound” was signed by Heather and Michael for our Make Way for Books Library as we continue to support children’s literacy in Tucson. 
There was no birthday celebrations this week, but PRESIDENT MARK still had a surprise and wanted to share a picture of long time member, LEE SHULTZ who would have been 87. 
PRESIDENT MARK introduced our newest member, BRANDI HAGA-BLACKMAN.  BRANDI is with Rio Nuevo.  Congratulations and welcome BRANDI!
Our History Moment was presented by CHARLOTTE HARRIS.  She presented a history of the Rotary’s 100-year support of the Lawton Boy Scouts and the Triangle Y Camps. 
CHUCK SAWYER stepped up to the podium to present the winner of our March Madness drive.  The winner was presented with a coveted candy filled trophy.  The two top teams were KURTIS DAWSON’S team ‘No Bull’ and VICKY JACOBS team “Vic-Tory’.  The final score was 114 – 75 with the winner being VICK JACOBS.  DOUG LOWELL and DAN GREER accepted the award for their team since the Team Leaders were both out of town.  To wrap it all up, we had over 155 visitors and 20 new members!  We are well on our way to getting back to pre-COVID membership numbers around 240/250 members. 
The Raffle and King of Clubs game presented by SERGEANT AT ARMS KHRIS DODGE.  The King of Clubs card was not drawn. 
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN gave an update on #Irv’s Fly-Fishing Fund and showed a picture of JOE DANISZEWSKI along with other family members showing off their catches.  Thank you to all those that have shared their pictures and donations. 
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN reminded everyone of the Time Capsule ceremony at Hotel Congress on 4/21 at 5:45p.  Then continued sharing there is an upcoming Boys & Girls Club Work Project where the details will be announced soon. 
KHRIS DODGE was back at the mic reminding everyone of the Triangle Y Camp work project on April 30th.  Be sure to sign up on the website.  Then made another announcement of the next RCOT Blood Drive on May 11th at the TCC from 10am-3p. 
PAST PRESIDENT JEN HOFFMAN announced the Polio Puls Award for the year 2020-21.  Congratulations to the club members.
BRUCE JACOBS announced Home Hospitality Week is coming and hosts are needed.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the email to sign up.  
JEANNE ZETAH announced the return of the Rotary Youth Exchange program.  Hosts are needed!  She received back up from PAST PRESIDENT JEN HOFFMAN who shared her experience of being a host family as life changing for her, her two boys and her husband.  Do not hesitate to sign up to host these amazing youths, you won’t regret it. 
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN closed with a final thank you to all our members, guests, and virtual attendees.  The scholarship cups are on the table if you’d like to donate and thanked the scholarship sustaining members.  PRESIDENT MARK gave the final toast before ringing the bell to adjourn the meeting.
Proposed New Members
The following New Active Member applications have been submitted for membership in Rotary Club of Tucson:
Member: Chita Stevenson
Company: Tucson Jazz Festival
Classification:  Community & Social Services: Tucson Jazz Festival
Sponsor: Khris Dodge
Member: Sandra Johnson
Company: Indie Realty
Classification:  Real Estate: Real Estate Sales
Sponsor: Wes Wiggins
Member: Nancy Farber
Company: National Court Reporting
Classification:  Retired
Sponsor: Vickie Jacobs
Member: Brittany Battle
Company: Social Venture Partners
Classification:  Community & Social Services: Social Venture Partners
Sponsor: Pat Patton
Member: Bruce Ayers
Company: TMC Foundation
Classification:  Community & Social Services: TMC Foundation
Sponsor: Dean Marie Kern
If no written objections are received within ten days of publication, these applicants will be accepted.
Home Hospitality Week ~ 4/24 thru 4/30
Our Home Hospitality events are scheduled for the week of April 24th through the 30th.  These social events will replace our Wednesday, April 27th lunch meeting.  To register, please go to our website home page,  scroll down the left side to "Upcoming Events" and click on Home Hospitality.  There you will find all the events from our members who have graciously volunteered to open up their homes.  The sooner you can register the better, so we can inform our hosts the number of people attending their event.  If you have any questions or need assistance with signing up, please call the Rotary office - 623-2281.  Again, these events take the place of our lunch meeting on April 27th.  The deadline to sign up is Friday, 4/22 at Noon.
Time Capsule Burial ~ 4/21/22 at Hotel Congress
The Rotary Club of Tucson will be burying its Centennial Time Capsule at a special ceremony at the historic Hotel Congress from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm on Thursday, April 21st. No reservations are needed, just show up.  Also, feel free to invite others.  We are making this a community event with a special focus on the downtown community.  The event is free to all. 
The actual ceremony will be in the Courtyard at 6:00 pm.  It will be a short presentation to provide time for everyone to enjoy some great tunes with local troubadour Salvador Duran.  Food and beverages are not included, but available for a cost.   The Cup Cafe food truck will be open for those who want to grab a snack or appetizer.   Libations will be available from any number of bars at the hotel.  Everyone will have lots of time to spend socializing with fellow Rotarians and guests.   
A special thanks to Hotel Congress for providing the venue and the burial plot.  Also, a shout out to John McCaleb and John Duval for their help with the interment site preparation.  Everyone is also invited to join Rotary and Hotel Congress when the Rotary Centennial Time Capsule is opened on Monday, April 1, 2121.  
Presentation by Mitch Pisik
Mitch Pisik, a member of our Club since March, 2021, is giving an hour presentation on: How to get the job you want, when you want it, at the compensation you desire. Tips, tricks, actions to take to positively and effectively differentiate yourself from everyone else.
All of the University of Arizona students who have received a Rotary Scholarship have been invited.
If any Rotary member's child or grandchild is soon to graduate from college and/or is looking for employment - they are welcome to attend as Mitch's guest.
Any questions: you can contact Mitch at, or 631-943-5275.
It will take place on 4/27 at 3:15.
Location: Beach Fleischman’s CPA's 1985 E River Road, Tucson.
Rotary Service Project at Triangle Y YMCA Camp is back!
Rotary Service Project at Triangle Y YMCA Camp is back!!!!! April 30, 2022
SAVE THE DATE:  APRIL 30, 2022 for this year’s Rotary International Day of Service.  After a hiatus the past two years this year’s service project is scheduled for Saturday, April 30th   8:30AM-2:00PM.  The Ranch is located 8 miles from the town of Oracle on the Mt Lemmon Road.  Most, if not all of the work projects will be outdoors at this beautiful Southern Arizona facility.  The work performed is a general cleaning of the outdoor areas, painting, trimming, planting, and general cleanup around the cabins.  This is a great opportunity to bring friends and family and introduce them to the spirit of Rotary.  According to this year’s Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta, “bring together volunteers from inside and outside Rotary to celebrate and showcase the spirit of Rotary in your community”.
We will have jobs for all ages old and young.  Bring your friends and kids.  Please bring sunscreen, gloves and snacks.  A BBQ lunch will be served around at 1:30pm in the main dining hall at the Ranch. 
Sign up on the club website under Upcoming Events or email Dave Gallaher, Tucson Rotary Club, at and/or call 520-907-4983.  A guest count is necessary for planning work and the serving of lunch.  Carpooling is recommended and many people meet at the Trader Joes parking lot at SEC of Magee and Oracle.
We had a great group of eleven Rotarians, family members and guests for a beautiful morning hike to the highest point in the Tucson Mountains, Wasson Peak.  Leading the way in the "jack rabbit" group were SAA Khris Dodge with son Harrison and guests Julius and Brother Kindness.  He was also joined by incoming member Mike.  Following in the "slow and steady" group were returning member Alan with kids Sophia and Caden, along with myself and new member Jon.  The views were spectacular as was the company!

I look forward to seeing you on the trails and save the date as the next hike will be on Saturday, May 21st in the Catalinas.  More to follow...
Disaster Response Fund - Ukraine
To My Fellow Rotary Club of Tucson Members:
As we know, Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th.  This unprovoked war has killed many innocent civilians.  It has also created a  humanitarian crisis with many women, children and families attempting to flee to neighboring countries while the men stay and fight for their country.  
Over a million people have fled and the United Nations estimates over five million people have been displaced and are in dire need of emergency aid and assistance.  
Many of you have reached out to ask, what is Rotary doing and how can you help?  Rotary International has been very engaged.  Both Rotary International and Shelter Box (a Rotary Project Partner for disaster - temporary housing) have created opportunities for us to donate to help the people of Ukraine.  Both have, or are, setting up operations in countries such as Poland where there are many Rotary Clubs.  
Here are links with further information and where donations are being accepted:    
Sadly, we have also found that we have more than a few of our fellow Rotary Club of Tucson members with ties to and families in Ukraine.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  
For other questions and/or to obtain more information, please contact the Rotary Support Center at 
Thank you for your consideration.  I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday at our luncheon at the TCC.  
President - 2021-22
Irv's Rotary Flyfishing Fund
The opportunities to showcase your fish during Irv's Centennial year are shrinking.  You will not want to miss the chance to showcase your fish, or better yet your Kids and Grandkids with a fish!  Don’t let the Wall of Fame escape you.  Join these other folks who have made it to the Wall of Fame and donated to Rotary charities.  Please reach out to Dorinna or Irv for all the details. 
RCOT YouTube Live and YouTube Channel
We will no longer be streaming our meetings live via Facebook but we will be streaming live via our YouTube Channel.  We are encouraging you all to subscribe to our Channel in order to receive notices of when the meetings are streaming live.  After the live meeting, this video will become a recording and immediately posted on our YouTube Channel.  To view live CLICK HERE. 
To view videos on the RCOT YouTube channel go to our Home Page of the Club website and click on the YouTube link on the right hand side of the page.  Or, go to YouTube and type in Rotary Club Of Tucson.  You will be able to click on the video you wish to watch once they are posted.  Here is the link to do this:
Apr 27, 2022
May 04, 2022
RCOT Foundation
May 11, 2022
Downtown Tucson
May 18, 2022
Banner Health
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Upcoming Events
Home Hospitality Week (4/24/22 ~ 4/30/22)
Apr 24, 2022 – Apr 30, 2022
Service Project ~ Triangle Y YMCA Camp ~ 4/30/22
Apr 30, 2022
8:30 AM – 2:00 PM
May 4, Lunch Mtg @ Tucson Convention Center
May 04, 2022
12:00 PM – 1:20 PM
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