Rotary Club of
Tucsotarian - February 16, 2022
We meet:
WEDNESDAYS, 12:00 NOON - 1:20 PM
Meetings are held @ Tucson Convention Center
260 S. Church Ave
Tucson, AZ  85701
United States
(520) 623-2281
Tucson Rodeo Parade & Museum
One hundred-fifty thousand spectators line the streets in Southern Tucson in anticipation of the nation's longest non-motorized, horse-drawn parade.  One hundred and twenty-five entries consisting of over 2,500 people, 90 wagons and buggies, and about 650 horses will form this colorful spectacle of our Western heritage.  Included in the procession will be local dignitaries, Native American royalty and performers, historical wagons and colorful floats, marching bands and mariachis, costumed rodeo royalty from around the state and working cowboys. 
While working on the production of this magnificent parade, the Parade Committee's efforts also turn to their other love, the Tucson Rodeo Parade Museum.  The museum complex includes the old hanger of Tucson's first airport.  The exterior of the museum is a prominent landmark on the Rodeo Grounds.  Once inside the museum, you take a giant step back to Tucson and the Old West as it once was.  It includes three buildings that proudly display over 120 pieces of "rolling stock": horse-drawn buggies, buckboards, stagecoaches and farm wagons. The Museum and the Parade are host to Tucson's first police wagon, a horse-drawn "fire truck," a horse drawn milk wagon, a horse-drawn school bus and much more.  
Stan Martin ~ Biography
After teaching elementary band and orchestra for 31 years, Stan has dedicated his life to promoting the history and diversity of Tucson. Since becoming a Parade Committee member, he has served on the Board of Directors twice, Publicity Chairman, Music Chairman and is currently the Chairman of the Tucson Rodeo Parade Museum. As Chairman, his passion is to continue upgrading the museum to become a centerpiece for visitors around the world to experience Tucson as it was and still is.  Stan also volunteers at the Presidio San Agustin del Tucson, where Tucson got its start in 1775.  To enhance Museum visitor's knowledge of Tucson and Southern Arizona, he currently holds a certification as a Certified Tourism Ambassador through Visit Tucson.
Herb Wagner ~ Biography
A native of Tucson, Herb has been on the Rodeo Parade Committee for over 35 years and is the Historian for the committee.  He was Chair on many subcommittees such as Equipment Rentals, Museum, Operations, and Entries and Lineup.  He has served on the Board of Directors many times and is the current Board Secretary.  He was Parade Chairman in 1999 and 2000.  He is enthusiastic about continuing the 97-year tradition of the Rodeo Parade, a rolling display of our Southwestern heritage.  In his real life, Herb is Director of Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety at his alma mater, the University of Arizona.
Rotary Club of Tucson Blood Drive ~ 2/16/22
The Rotary Club of Tucson will be holding a Blood Drive during our February 16th lunch meeting at the TCC.  The American Red Cross is in need of your help and they will be available between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  Please click on the link below to sign up and once there use sponsor code:  Tucsonrotary to schedule your appointment.
Please contact Mike Sagara at if you have questions.
Give Blood -- Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. 
Replacement Mixer Was a Wonderful Evening!
The Replacement/Social Mixer held last Wednesday at Hotel Congress was a wonderful and fun evening with live music and lots of fellowship.  A big shout out to Vickie Jacobs and Nicole Lombardo for their work in putting this event together.  Here are some fun photos from the evening:
Social Mixer ~ February 9, 2020
Proposed New Members
The following New Member applications have been submitted for membership in Rotary Club of Tucson:
Member: Tom Lickliter
Company: Anchor Wave Internet Solutions
Classification:  Computer & Information Systems: Digital Marketing
Sponsor: Glenn Ewing
Member: Brandi Haga-Blackman
Company: Rio Nuevo District
Classification:  Economic Development: Rio Nuevo
Sponsor: Mark Irvin
If no written objections are received within ten days of publication, these applicants will be accepted.
Hiking ~ Save The Date ~ 2/19/22
"Save the date, Saturday, February 19th for the Sid Hirsh Memorial Hike of Tumamoc Hill.    This mid town "hike" is fun for everyone whether your goal is midpoint, the summit or Sid's hike of summit and a half it is a great start to the day.  Meet time will be 7:30AM and please be sure to follow all parking regulations.  For those that are hungry after the hike, breakfast burritos and horchata coffee at Seis Kitchen will follow.  Hope to see you there and more to come!"
Rotary Day of Service ~ 3/5/22
Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Month


One of the six areas of focus of Rotary we don’t seem to talk about very much is peacebuilding and conflict prevention (the actual area of focus is named "Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution"), which is the theme for the month of February. It is often, however, the conflicts that occur throughout the world that are the root causes of poverty, despair, economic hardship and poor health. Take for instance the major deterrent to polio eradication: the difficulty in vaccinating children in war torn countries. Rotary International as an organization understands this relationship and therefore is deeply invested in supporting individuals and programs that will develop leaders who are committed to seeking ways toward peace. The path toward peace begins with understanding and respect for the differences that make us unique.

These are the same types of values that are studied in the peace centers supported by Rotary International in association with several major universities across the globe. The mission of these centers is to “empower, educate, and increase the capacity of peace builders through rigorous academic training, practice, and global networking opportunities.

Through this experience, Rotary Peace Fellows build the skills needed to act as leaders and catalysts for peace and conflict resolution both in their communities and around the globe. These Fellows develop the skills needed to act as “leaders and catalysts for peace and conflict resolution both in their communities and around the globe.” As Rotarians we should all be similarly committed to understanding the conflicts that exist in our own society, to speak out when necessary, and to seek solutions that reflect the values of Rotary.

Through global grant activities, clubs and districts can participate in strategically focused, high-impact activities that align with Rotary goals that address this area of focus including to train leaders including potential youth leaders to prevent and mediate conflict, support peacebuilding in communities and regions affected by conflict, and support studies related to peace and conflict prevention/resolution for career-minded professionals.

SAVE THE DATE ~ JTED Open House ~ 3/8/22
SAVE THE DATE:  JTED has invited our entire club to join them for an exclusive open house on Tuesday, March 8th at 4:00 p.m.  This is to celebrate and THANK THE CLUB for the amazing work we have done as Rotarians in support of their mission.  This will be at their new campus, The Bridges, 3300 S. Park Avenue, Tucson and all are encouraged to attend.
Rotary Service Project at Triangle Y YMCA Camp is back!
Rotary Service Project at Triangle Y YMCA Camp is back!!!!! April 30, 2022
SAVE THE DATE:  APRIL 30, 2022 for this year’s Rotary International Day of Service.  After a hiatus the past two years this year’s service project is scheduled for Saturday, April 30th   8:30AM-2:00PM.  The Ranch is located 8 miles from the town of Oracle on the Mt Lemmon Road.  Most, if not all of the work projects will be outdoors at this beautiful Southern Arizona facility.  The work performed is a general cleaning of the outdoor areas, painting, trimming, planting, and general cleanup around the cabins.  This is a great opportunity to bring friends and family and introduce them to the spirit of Rotary.  According to this year’s Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta, “bring together volunteers from inside and outside Rotary to celebrate and showcase the spirit of Rotary in your community”.
We will have jobs for all ages old and young.  Bring your friends and kids.  Please bring sunscreen, gloves and snacks.  A BBQ lunch will be served around at 1:30pm in the main dining hall at the Ranch. 
Please email Dave Gallaher, Tucson Rotary Club, at and/or call 520-907-4983.  A guest count is necessary for planning work and the serving of lunch.  Carpooling is recommended and many people meet at the Trader Joes parking lot at SEC of Magee and Oracle.
Irv's Rotary Flyfishing Fund
The opportunities to showcase your fish during Irv's Centennial year are shrinking.  You will not want to miss the chance to showcase your fish, or better yet your Kids and Grandkids with a fish!  Don’t let the Wall of Fame escape you.  Join these other folks who have made it to the Wall of Fame and donated to Rotary charities.  Please reach out to Dorinna or Irv for all the details. 
The following member has resigned from the Rotary Club of Tucson:
John Lewis
RCOT YouTube Live and YouTube Channel
We will no longer be streaming our meetings live via Facebook but we will be streaming live via our YouTube Channel.  We are encouraging you all to subscribe to our Channel in order to receive notices of when the meetings are streaming live.  After the live meeting, this video will become a recording and immediately posted on our YouTube Channel.  To view live CLICK HERE. 
To view videos on the RCOT YouTube channel go to our Home Page of the Club website and click on the YouTube link on the right hand side of the page.  Or, go to YouTube and type in Rotary Club Of Tucson.  You will be able to click on the video you wish to watch once they are posted.  Here is the link to do this:
Feb 23, 2022
YMCA Downtown Renovation
Mar 02, 2022
Mar 09, 2022
Mar 16, 2022
162nd Wing Air National Guard
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February 23, Lunch Mtg @ Tucson Convention Center
Feb 23, 2022
12:00 PM – 1:20 PM
March 2, Lunch Mtg @ Tucson Convention Center
Mar 02, 2022
12:00 PM – 1:20 PM
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