Rotary Club of
Tucsotarian - September 22, 2021
We meet:
WEDNESDAYS, 12:00 NOON - 1:20 PM
Meetings are held @ Tucson Convention Center
260 S. Church Ave
Tucson, AZ  85701
United States
(520) 623-2281
Lisa Bates, Founder and Executive Director of Tucson Wildlife Center, and Diana Madaras, artist, are kindred spirits who were destined to come together. Both these women began rescuing wildlife at age 5 or 6—Lisa in Tucson in her backyard, and Diana in New Jersey at her father’s veterinary hospital. At a very early age, both formed a deep bond with animals and understood the need to help these beings who were desperately trying to survive.
The Tucson Wildlife Center, now 23 years old, is a survivor, as well. Eleven other wildlife rescue centers have closed in the past few years pressuring TWC to increase its intake by 400%. Where they served 1500 animals 4 years ago, they now expect 6,000—and all care is funded by private donations.
In this presentation, Lisa will share behind-the-scenes stories from Tucson Wildlife Center and simulate a bobcat rescue. Diana will share how she and a goose named Lucy helped Tucson Wildlife Center survive during a critical time and raised enough money to eventually hire a full-time veterinarian for the center. You will walk away from this program with a deeper understanding of our relationship to wildlife and how we can each make a difference with relatively little effort.
The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Mahatma Gandhi
Lisa Bates ~ Biography
Lisa Bates cared for injured and orphaned wildlife beginning at age 6, and even had a pet javelina who slept in her bedroom when she was a kid. In 1998, she founded Tucson Wildlife Center in her own backyard in Tucson and eventually donated her property to the Center. In the past 23 years, she has succeeded in building a state-of-the art hospital on the grounds, as well as 3 huge flight enclosures to rehab eagles, hawks and owls. The Tucson Wildlife Center rescues everything from lizards, to bobcats and javelinas. The Sertoma Club awarded her its Lifetime Achievement Award.
Diana Madaras ~ Biography
Diana Madaras grew up in an apartment attached to her fathers’ veterinary hospital in New Jersey and at a very early age was tasked with caring for the wild animals people dropped off at the hospital. In 1999, in conjunction with opening Madaras Gallery, she formed the non-profit Art for Animals Foundation. She has raised more than $200,000 for the foundation. The Tucson Rotary Club awarded her its 4-way award in 2000 and Diana has also been named Arthritis Foundation Philanthropist of the Year. She was named New Beginnings Woman of the Year and received the Copper Cactus Award for Community Service. In 2018, Tucson Wildlife Center named her their Honoree at the annual Benefit Dinner.
So, when the Tucson Wildlife Center came under duress due to a huge increase in animal intake, Lisa came to Diana asking for help.
The rest is history…
Mystery Editor ~ 9-15-21
We really changed it up today, it’s a Buffet!  Today’s meeting started off with a buffet lunch of Alfredo and/or Spaghetti.  PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN rang the bell to begin the meeting at Noon then announced we’d eat first before the presentation would begin at 12:15p. 
At precisely at 12:15p LEA MARQUEZ PETERSON led us in the pledge.  Then the inspirational moment was given by ANN MARSH about the Lopez Family, an immigrant family from Cuba that found their way to Tucson via Chicago and ultimately its’ matriarch created the Angel Heart Pajama Project ( that provides PJs and books to abused/neglected/foster care children in Tucson from child birth through 18 years.  It was indeed an inspirational story.
Next the song was introduced by LEA MARQUEZ PETERSON; “God Bless America” with accompaniment by KHRIS DODGE and JEN the keyboard. Onto the introductions, KHRIS DODGE, did not disappoint in his rousing introductions of all guests, and fellow Rotarians.  Welcome all to Downtown.
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN shared with the Club that there is a card being passed around for our very own JON WANG who is having eye surgery and will be out for a month.  Please take the time to sign the card and wish him well. 
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN then introduced our speaker for today, Zach Yentzer with Tucson Young Professionals.  A video introduction about Zach and Tucson Young Professional (TYP) was shown.  Welcome Zach Yentzer!  Zach spoke of the history of TYP as an organization, its growth since established in 2007 with its most recent change from being an all-volunteer organization to now having a small staff as of 2019, currently consisting of two employees.  Zach shared the impact that TYP has on the local community, how they support young professionals when transitioning into a management roll or with moving to Tucson and the resources they offer.  TYP is about connection, development, and advocacy.  It was a great and informative presentation. 
The book “The Future Worth Fighting For” was given to Zach to sign for our Make Way for Books Library. 
BOB SHAFF was honored to give our club a History Moment which happened to be of one of the Club's Past Presidents, MARIANNE FREITAS.  We then watched her ‘Past President’ video of what it was like during her year of Presidency.  A few things about MARIANNE that you may not know; she is known as the ‘Mom’ of the Tucson Classics Car Show, is always impeccably dressed, always has a smile on her face and once won an award as the “Seat Belt Queen’.  MARIANNE then stood to address the Club and say thank you. 
Birthday announcements: BOB ERNSTEIN a member since 1991, JOE DANISZEWSKI a member since 2018 and, DIANA MADARAS a new 2021 member.  A very happy birthday to all of you!
A new member was introduced to the club by VICKIE JACOBS: TOM SCOTT, welcome to the Club! 
SCOTT VAUGHAN gave the Paul Harris Award to CHRIS EDWARDS and DARRELL STEWART.  Congratulations on the impact you have made in our community and your involvement with Rotary Club of Tucson.     
Next it was the always anticipated Raffle and King of Clubs Game presented by SERGEANT AT ARMS KHRIS DODGE.  KHRIS also had an extra special item up for Auction; 2 sets of UA vs. NAU for this weekend.  The tickets were auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Then the King of Clubs was not drawn, better luck next week! 
JIM LUBINSKI and JONI CONDIT – both gave updates to the: Centennial, Auction and, Tickets sales.  So far, we are at 45% of our goal for the Car Show Ticket Sales.  Remember to register for the Centennial Event on September 25th too.  We need everyone to register to bid on auction items. 
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN had a couple additional reminders: next week is Photography Day.  CHRIS MOONEY will be here to take an updated head shot for ClubRunner and if you missed the group picture, CHRIS will also be here to take your picture to be added to the group picture. 
DAN KALM announced the next Social/Replacement Mixer is on 9/29 at Prep & Pastry on Campbell from 5:30p-7:30p. No lunch meeting that day.
PRESIDENT MARK IRVIN closed with a final thank you to all our members, guests, and virtual attendees.  The scholarship cups are on the table if you’d like to donate, remember to return your badge in your numbered slot on your way out and if you have not received a magnetic Rotary pin, see DORINNA or KARI.  Happy Birthday to BOB, JOE, and DIANA.   Next week we will hear DIANA MADARAS and Lisa Bates present on the Tucson Wildlfe Center, Inc. PRESIDENT MARK gave the final toast before ringing the bell to adjourn the meeting. 
Proposed New Members
The following New Members' applications have been submitted for membership in Rotary Club of Tucson:
New Member:  Don Laidlaw (Returning Member)
Classification:  Retired: Engineering-Land Planning
Sponsor: Bruce Tunze
New Member:  Anita Scales
Classification:  Retired
Sponsor: Gerry Hallowell
If no written objections are received within ten days of publication, these applicants will be accepted.
Centennial Event Details
Dear Rotary Club of Tucson Members,
The Centennial Event Committee wishes to share with you the details of our Centennial Event created by your fellow Club members. 
Parking is in Lot B.  As you approach the TCC portico, on Saturday, September 25th, 2021, at the Tucson Convention Center, you will encounter ten selected classic cars representing each decade of our Club’s existence. You then enter the Grand Lobby. You will be greeted by soft music and beautiful décor. We have selected awesome hot and cold appetizers (these are not your run of the mill cocktail hot dogs!).
These include:
Satays of Chicken, Beef, Tofu/Peppers
Sonoran Chicken
Ratatouille Phyllo with Boursin
Shredded Sonoran chicken, poblano and peppers
Green chili, etc, tortillas
Salami, provolone, peppers, and basil tortillas
And that’s just the appetizers!
The bar will be open with our ice luge available among other beverages.  Members will be able to stroll around the classic cars during the cocktail hour. Following the cocktail hour, we will move into the BEAUTIFULLY decorated Grand Ballroom. Our program begins with a selection of significant auction items for our live auction. We will have the opportunity to bid on the famous Jay Leno Garage Tour! The best live auction in 100 years. 
Dinner begins with wine (red and white of course) poured at your table.
You have the choice of three excellent entrée options to select which include:
Seared Atlantic Salmon
Butter Seared Fillet Mignon
Vegetarian – Bucatini Genovese Style, with Vegan Pesto and other treats
While there is more detail with our program, dinner will be followed by the debut of the critically acclaimed Rotary Club of Tucson short film (a sure Cannes winner), “Our First 100 Years.”
Guests are welcome.  Please invite your friends and family!
The ticket price is based on a breakeven budget. We have to pay a fee to Eventbrite for each ticket sold.
Food and beverage costs have increased and results in higher expenses (represents 65% of cost). We have to have a police officer to watch the classic cars (and us). There are other fixed costs related to the event. The rental space at TCC is $2600.  That is why the ticket price is as it is.
Registration is now closed.
Many thanks to those members who have registered for our awesome Centennial Event on 9/25/21.
Thank you,
Lee Olitzky and The Wonderful Centennial Committee
Centennial Auction 9-25-21 - Bidding Instructions
September 25, 2021
Instructions for remote bidding on live auction items
1.  Register to bid before the auction at:
A.  Only registered bidders with a credit card in their profile will be allowed to place bids at the live auction
B.  Registered bidders will be assigned a bidding number after they either
  • Place a bid on one of the live auction items that they are interested in OR
  • Email to indicate they would like to bid on a live auction item (by Sept. 25 at 3:00 pm)
 2.  Log into YouTube Tucson Rotary YouTube site:              
A.  You can subscribe to the Rotary YouTube channel in advance by going to the Rotary YouTube channel in advance of the auction and simply subscribe.
B.  You may need a Gmail account to do this and that can be done easily by going to and setting up a Gmail email.
3.  When viewing the live stream of the auction (beginning at 6:30pm on Saturday, 9/25/21), if you wish to enter a bid, click the “Chat” button and enter your bid number and your bid.
4.  That’s all there is to it…watch the auction and see if you are the winning bidder.  If so, we’ll be in touch to arrange for delivery or pick up of your auction item.
Our Centennial Featured in the Daily Star
As many of you know, the Club's Centennial celebration was featured in a 14-page supplement in the "Arizona Daily Star" Sunday edition.  Many Rotarians jumped in and placed ads, not only to promote their business, but also to congratulate our remarkable Rotary Club on it's 100 years of service.  Thank you to all who contributed to make this Centennial edition so special, and in case you did not get to see the supplement, here is the online link to the supplement -
Congratulations Rotary Club of Tucson!!!
District Conference ~ 10-29-21
The District 5500 Conference will take place on October 29th and 30th at Casino Del Sol.  To register for the event Click Here.  Details are below.
#Irv's Rotary Fly Fishing Fund
We welcome President Mark "Irv" Irvin's challenge to fellow Rotarians to match funds for our club's use in supporting both our Club's international and local efforts.  These pledges are for the 2021/22 Rotary year and donations will go to your favorite Rotary programs, i.e. Paul Harris, Scholarships, the Tucson Classics Car Show.  If you are interested in supporting President Mark in his efforts, forms are available on the home page of our website under the RCOT Member Area drop down menu or at the registration table at our lunch meetings.  Thank you.
Poem ~ by Bob Ernstein
We thought we would share the poem Bob Ernstein wrote and read at Rotary last week in celebration of his birthday:
When I joined Rotary in 1991
  I helped lower the age of the Old Men's Club
Thirty years I've watched unfold
  It's the club that now celebrates old
I'm just glad to be a member
  And joined the celebration in September!
To me Rotary's a great big deal
  Serving others has its appeal
It became a highlight in my life
  That I shared with my wife
This club and our district as well
  Have memories I can't dispel!
I've gained so many friends you see
  Some are getting old just like me
But keeping the Rotary vision alive
  Helps all of us to survive
So, as my Rotary life unravels
  Thanks, for a journey well traveled!
RCOT YouTube Live and YouTube Channel
We will no longer be streaming our meetings live via Facebook but we will be streaming live via our YouTube Channel.  We are encouraging you all to subscribe to our Channel in order to receive notices of when the meetings are streaming live.  After the live meeting, this video will become a recording and immediately posted on our YouTube Channel.  To view live CLICK HERE. 
To view videos on the RCOT YouTube channel go to our Home Page of the Club website and click on the YouTube link on the right hand side of the page.  Or, go to YouTube and type in Rotary Club Of Tucson.  You will be able to click on the video you wish to watch once they are posted.  Here is the link to do this:
Sep 29, 2021
Oct 06, 2021
Car Show Meeting
Oct 13, 2021
Oct 20, 2021
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Replacement Mixer ~ Prep & Pastry ~ 9/29/21
Sep 29, 2021
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
TCCS - Friday Night Dinner - (ALL MUST REGISTER)
Oct 15, 2021
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM
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