Dear Rotary Club of Tucson Members,
The Centennial Event Committee wishes to share with you the details of our Centennial Event created by your fellow Club members. 
Parking is in Lot B.  As you approach the TCC portico, on Saturday, September 25th, 2021, at the Tucson Convention Center, you will encounter ten selected classic cars representing each decade of our Club’s existence. You then enter the Grand Lobby. You will be greeted by soft music and beautiful décor. We have selected awesome hot and cold appetizers (these are not your run of the mill cocktail hot dogs!).
These include:
Satays of Chicken, Beef, Tofu/Peppers
Sonoran Chicken
Ratatouille Phyllo with Boursin
Shredded Sonoran chicken, poblano and peppers
Green chili, etc, tortillas
Salami, provolone, peppers, and basil tortillas
And that’s just the appetizers!
The bar will be open with our ice luge available among other beverages.  Members will be able to stroll around the classic cars during the cocktail hour. Following the cocktail hour, we will move into the BEAUTIFULLY decorated Grand Ballroom. Our program begins with a selection of significant auction items for our live auction. We will have the opportunity to bid on the famous Jay Leno Garage Tour! The best live auction in 100 years. 
Dinner begins with wine (red and white of course) poured at your table.
You have the choice of three excellent entrée options to select which include:
Seared Atlantic Salmon
Butter Seared Fillet Mignon
Vegetarian – Bucatini Genovese Style, with Vegan Pesto and other treats
While there is more detail with our program, dinner will be followed by the debut of the critically acclaimed Rotary Club of Tucson short film (a sure Cannes winner), “Our First 100 Years.”
Guests are welcome.  Please invite your friends and family!
The ticket price is based on a breakeven budget. We have to pay a fee to Eventbrite for each ticket sold.
Food and beverage costs have increased and results in higher expenses (represents 65% of cost). We have to have a police officer to watch the classic cars (and us). There are other fixed costs related to the event. The rental space at TCC is $2600.  That is why the ticket price is as it is.
Registration is now closed.
Many thanks to those members who have registered for our awesome Centennial Event on 9/25/21.
Thank you,
Lee Olitzky and The Wonderful Centennial Committee